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Beach Life – Summer 2013 – #6

Well here we are then. At the beach house. this is the view, well this is the view when you hold the camera up a bit higher than eye-line, but you get it.

The local Fauna are really really noisy. We have Tui, Fantails, and Califonian Quail, Pheasants, the local Kingfisher and sundry other things all chipping in.


This was yesterday afternoon when we arrived. You really can see the beach (in the red rectangle) the trees and bushes are all growing up and the glimpse is getting glimpser.


Annoyingly the automatic lighting thing on the barbecue still works, couple of clicks and it’s away. We’ve had this thing for many years now, and it still keeps going. It doesn’t get a lot of use when I’m not here though, the in-laws aren’t that fussed on cooking on it, apart from the occasion smoked fish.

Because it’s still a bit murky the Gentleman Fishing Club has been put on hold. I’m sure I’ll get on this later.

Already had a beer, well last night had a beer. We’ve also, MrsPdubyah and me, been on a mooch down the end of the beach and back. It was a bit bracing. Saw some of the younger neighbours who’d been partying for at least an hour being clowns, I should go see how they are today.

Had a couple of exercise walks, yesterday afternoon after the drive here, and this morning. Lordy this morning everyone was out jogging/running/cycling/mooching. All adults mind, no teenagers, funny that. It was was however 8am and what do you expect?

Today then, well I’ve done some exercise, MrsPdubyah was leaving as I got back, and FIL has gone for a meander. MIL is in bed, having been up at 7am putting a load of washing on, probably onto her second, it’s her thing.

Suddenly it’ll be 10am, I’ll have to make some bread, there will be coffee and then the house will settle for an hour before lunch.

It’s all go!


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