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The one with the new car

It came to that time that the old car had to be replaced. Because it was 10 years old, had 180k kms on the clock and because there didn’t seem to be a need to have an SUV any longer, not an AWD, 2.0 litre one for the number of kms that MrsPdubyah was making in the last few years.

So away went the Airtrek  and hello new (to us car)


The Airtrek has been with since just about new, we’ve never owned a new car,  and has done us well, ferried all sorts of things to all sorts of places, but at 10 years old it was looking a bit dinged and dented, and as much as it’s sad to see it go, it was time.

To be replaced with this. a 1.6 litre Ford Fiesta. Which is very sprightly indeed. Also has a bunch of new features that will confuse and delight MrsPdubyah


including BlueTooth connectivity for her phone. Might have to get a phone with BlueTooth.  MP3 Connectivity. Might have to get her am MP3 player, and a radio that seems to have heaps of pre-set saved radio station options. She only listens to one of two.

Also has Cruise control. Ideal for the 7km journey to work.

This on the same day that the Holden Cruze had a meltdown with the Engine Immobiliser warning  suddenly appearing, this after not starting, then starting again, being driven with the light on

I got a new car

MrsPdubyah parked the car nose-out ‘just in case’. When I went to retrieve it, having dropped off the new MrsPhilMobile, it didn’t start, the bit lid popped open, the dashboard did a disco display the radio changed channels a few times and the hazard light just came on and stayed on.

The tow-truck man came along, made out like it happened all the time and to much better cars and took it away.

The Holden Garage says they’ll try to get a look at it in the next couple of days, if I’m lucky. I’m not that lucky.

I’ve had issues with this car before, and this time

Oh and I don’t think I wrote about the ABS warning sensor on both front wheels needing replacement, the dodgy radio that sometimes has a display and other not.

I’m hoping that it’s just a new battery. It probably isn’t

A day of much conflict and contrast.

In other news:

These arrived. Nike LunarFly 4 , This picture doesn’t do them justice, the soles are also a pale blue. Might take my frustrations out on these and the pavement.


Or I might have a beer.



The Holden Cruze immobilizer – it was the battery causing all the drama and setting off all the lights and bells, ended up costing me twice as much as just a battery would since the technician spent an hour plugging in the computer diagnostics.

So far then, Left and Front side ABS sensors have broken of their own accord, Both interior chrome door handles replaced after the chrome flaked off and ended up cutting MrsPdubyah on one occasion, Brake Rotors, Brake pads front and rear, new battery, not bad for a car with only 90K Kms on it. Must nearly be time for 4 new tyres.

The Lunarfly 4’s are awesome!

The beer has been a mixed bag.


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