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As I get older I get different – the birthday gift from Holden – the update

Holden in Australia rang me today, well a spokesperson did, to talk about my 2009 Holden Cruze, someone in their PR department, who knows, I didn’t write his name down. Anyway…

According to the person I spoke to, and you’ll get that this is my version of his words paraphrased;

  • It’s normal for modern cars to have rotors replaced at 60,000 kms
  • The brake pads are in constant contact with the disks constantly wearing them down to keep them from warping. (for real)
  • Of course it uses rotors quicker than an older car, they’re modern, its a modern braking system. (for real)
  • Advised that the Mitsubishi Airtrek (which he’d never heard of as a model) has never had rotors and has 160,000 on the clock was because it’s older! And regardless must be lighter on the brakes because it’s a 4wd SUV
  • “Having worked for VW and other manufacturers I can assure you that this isn’t unusual” a pitiful plea from authority.
  • “You brought you car second hand, what can you expect?” (I’ve had it 2 years and done 40,000 kms, it been serviced 3 times at the same dealership, he tried to convince me that I’d only done 17,000kms nothing like research)
  • He did concede that he’d never heard of this problem, that it sounded unusual, but it was expected.
I did point out that it was a 1.8 litre, mid-sized car, not some V8 performance car. It’s a town car, a commuter car, it’s a shopping basket.

He did offer to pay 50% of the costs of the Rotors/Discs, on condition that I remove my FB wall post. I told him to email me and I’d consider it. I told him how miffed I was, and resentful that a new in-warranty vehicle was supplied from the factory with items that clearly were never going to make a warranty period. I told him that I wasn’t happy and that it was a poor excuse that he was offering up.

I will consider his email should it ever arrive. I’m happy to remove the Facebook wall post to their wall.

Really I’m ok with Tyres wearing out, I get spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, transmission oils. They’re what you expect to have changed. I’m even ok with brake pad wear at 60,000 km (although there was no indication that they were low), but I’m not ok with having to replace the rotors/discs because the man at Holden says that “it’s normal, and it’s the modern way”

Oh and Giltrap Holden North Shore are a super dealership, they really set a benchmark in customer service and go far beyond what you expect from a car dealer. Can’t recommend them enough.


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