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Beer – #296 – Eagle vs Dog – Episode 3 Hitch-Hikers Guide Don’t Panic

Yes indeed. Eagle vs Dog Episode 3 Hitch-Hikers Guide Don’t Panic – an Imperial Wheat

From the Golden Eagle Brewery and brewed at Raindogs Brewing Co this one in the Style of a : Doppelbock and that’s the go in Christchurch, New Zealand

Episode one being the Pilsner and Episode two being The Pan Galactic Gargle blaster which I drank ages ago and rated a 9.

A 500ml bottle this, and it’s at 7.5% ABV making it 2.95 standard drink units, around 250 calories. I have high hopes.

The Selfie !

The Selfie !

“It’s the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody’s said to me all day.”
If only this beer could be that simple. Complex clove and banana characters from a German yeast, plenty of malted wheat for a full body and flavour, and to top it off we over did it with the late and dry hopping.
IPA meets Hefeweizen sums it up. Apparently just the thing to help recover from a brain explosion after a third puff on a Fallian albino marsh worm

Which is all confusing and that.  Don’t Panic is a common name or a beer, because I do research 🙂 Thais as far as I got, I have not idea if the others are part of a series like this one. I prefer direct plagiarism.

Eagle vs Dog Episode 3 Hitch-Hikers Guide Don’t Panic1After a few heavier coffee oriented beers, this is real zesty and fruity on opening, really summer like,  you’d be a clown not to pick this as wheat based, and although I am a clown not this time.

This is a blindingly  good beer. There is a lots of summer, there is lots of lemons, orange zest, there is that lovely yeasty thing going on, it looks fantastic orange and has  a fluffy head that shouts of fun.

This is to summarise, just a bit good.

I know there are people that don’t like the wheat beer, but they are so missing out on beer that has as a an integral part of their delivery flavour and refreezing things. You may not want a beer that is all about sherbet and Zing and Zang, but unless you’re stuck in some bizarre OCD place you have to try to challenge yourself. This beer isn’t a challenge, it’s so different from a coffee vanilla porter as you can imagine, but I love to jump from one to the other,

This is, then, according to the the pdubyah-o-meter- a cracking 9 and bit’s worth on the scale of things. It’s not perfect. It’s a bit ‘dense’ to look at as if its cloudy when it it isn’t. The sharp notes don’t quote reach their promise, but this pours great, looks great and drinks great. A few things to tweak and this would be stunning.

It’s lovely and full in the mouth, a full-ish mouthfeel, the aroma stays and carries and you get delivered a lovely orange zestiness that isn’t sharp or unwanted and just sits well.

This is nice. Very nice.

The Music this time : Bettye Swan because you need Soul.  Because also it’s a bit good, and because MrsPdubyah thinks I’m pretty clever in picking music, it’s all bluff.


Doppel means double and while these are stronger brews than the traditional German bocks, they are typically not twice the strength. Color is light amber to dark brown. Very full body with a high alcoholic flavor. Low hop flavor and aroma.


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