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Beer – #303 – Gösser – Gösser Beer (Export)

A Can. A gift. Gösser Beer (Export). It’s been sulking at the back of the fridge for ages.

Brewed by Gösser (Brau Union) in the style of a Pale Lager and I’m being all continental because they’re in Leoben, Austria

A 500ml can, 5.2% ABV which is about 2.02 standard drinks,  and this is 156 calories a serve.

Gösser Beer (Export)

This can has lived in the fridge an bears many battle scars from being shuffled around at the back.

This bottom fermented, light beer tickles the palates of beer-lovers around the world. Its aroma is mildly malty and its refreshingly sharp tang derives from balanced hopping

Is how they put it.

Even paler pour than the Zipfer beer, similar head but not as persistent. Aroma is again that earthy light thing.

Gosser BeerHead dissipates quickly though, leaving a pale beer that looks under-carbonated.

Oddly ever less taste than other beers that I’ve had.

Mikey clearly had some intentions when he passed this on to me to try, and dare to write about. Cheers Mike.

Couple of things that might make this better. Splash of Lime, or a splash of lemonade making it a shandy.

Really this doesn’t appear to have any redeeming features at all, which is possibly its redemption. They’re not a local beer to NZ, so there must be some context.

If you’re hunkering down at home  for sports-a-thon or at a party where you have to take something, usually so you can drink beer that someone else brought with them, and you want something inoffensive, and that everyone would be happy to drink then this is possibly a good choice.

For someone that enjoys a beer with a flavour then this isn’t it. It might be a beer that has a place, and I can imagine a number of places where this would be beer that is served to the masses (I mentioned sports, perhaps also concerts).

For quaffing this is below average, for although there isn’t a leading taste or a theme there is a taste that sits in the background thats just a little harsh and annoying, making you stop to think about the taste on the back of the palate. It’s pretty persistent too.

So for that the pdubyah-o-meter says 5. A polite beer to keep in the fridge perhaps, or a four or six pack to take and leave some at a party. I wouldn’t do that, but if I had to I would take and drink a couple, I might not be the happiest of people at the party but at least it’s going to give you a buzz.

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