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The less of me – the more I write the less I am


Today I stood ont he scales. at 88.0kg or 194lbs, or 13 Stone 12lbs, all those things work.

Which is a long way from 105Kg, 231lbs, or 16 1/2 stones, which is where I started at 15 months ago

And so I continue to be on-track at a 1kg a month weight loss. My new goal was only 85kg by June

I’ve walked / jogged a total of 941 kms, or 585 miles so far.

I set myself only a 5km or 6km walk/run expectation, and 5 would be the minimum or most regular distance.

This year I did really push the boat out

  • Went 8km in one burst,
  • Went 5 minutes 01 seconds for a 1km stretch
  • Went 8 minutes and 55 seconds for a whole mile
  • Went 5km in total for 30 minutes and 10 seconds (my immediate goal is under 30:00

The downside to all this is that shirts are all baggy and ill-fitting.

Upside is joints don’t ache, I sleep better, and of course eat better.

Eating better by way of less things like potato and meat. Eating more fruit and vegetables, and of course smaller portion and better portion control.

Does not stop me drinking beer at all, or having indulgences like chocolate and cheese.

Feeling ok about this .









2 comments on “The less of me – the more I write the less I am

  1. kingmidget
    March 13, 2014

    Congrats and well done. Do this for yourself but know also that yor progress is an inspiration to others.


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