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Beer – #319 – Fullers – London Porter

A Fullers London Porter. Brewed by Fuller’s in the style of a Porter they they are in London, England



Fuller’s London Porter, is widely regarded as the World’s Finest Porter: having won awards all over the world, London Porter is regularly voted the number one Porter on beer websites such as http://www.ratebeer.com, a tremendous accolade to our brewing team. Rich, dark and complex, at 5.4% ABV the beer has an outstanding depth of flavour.
It is brewed from a blend of Brown, Crystal and Chocolate malts for a creamy delivery balanced by traditional Fuggles hops.

500ml bottle of a  5.4% ABV beer, which is around 2.2 standard dink units. 162 calories a serve  in this. And oh its 33 IBU’s which is right in the middle range for Porter.


Pour is clear dark with a creamy tan head. Aroma of chocolate, roasted malt, sweet brown sugar, and a little cream. Has a very creamy mouth feel. Low carbonation. Flavors include a full roasted barley, lightly sweet chocolate malt, light cream. Damn fine brew. Full flavored and smooth.

Riiight….. I’m having this in the al; new trendy “Craft Beer” Mason jar glass. For no reason than they were cheap as chips when I picked up some beers earlier.

Lovely dark chocolate coffee and rich aroma on opening.

Dark thick pour with a fleeting head. Still lots of coffee and chocolate aroma.

Interestingly bitter on the tongue but all over and as a part of the drink and not separate to, if that makes sense.

Nice soft wash of the coffee and chocolate in this. Makes this a very easy to drink and very easy to enjoy beer. It could do with a tweak in the carbonation, I thought it was under but then I think it’s over. I’m hard to please tonight.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as very good at on it’s random and unfathomable scale of things,  I would have liked more head, slightly tweak  the carbonation, and for me the palate although really nice is really compressed into a middle, and there isn’t a long finish 

Its ok though and made me smile more than frown.

Musically I was with the Palma Violets, an English band from Lambeth, London.


Black or chocolate malt gives the porter its dark brown color. Porters are well hopped and heavily malted. This is a medium-bodied beer. Porters can be sweet. Hoppiness can range from bitter to mild. Porters are often confused with stouts.

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