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Restaurant Critic #6 – The Foodstore – Auckland Viaduct

Occasionally I get the opportunity to be taken out to dinner, for work purposes.

Happened that this happened on Tuesday this week.  We’de been sitting in the SkySport bar Grill having some of their fine craft beers when it came time to eat. Now we could have had the burgers and fries but since it was only the two of us I suggested something else.

So The Foodstore it was.

Based at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, is New Zealand’s first unique live food entertainment experience. With the country’s only true “open” and “interactive” kitchen you will get up close and personal with NZ’s best chefs as they create their culinary magic

Indeed they have the kitchen based in the open in the restaurant for all to see, and there is even a camera training on one station so that you might catch a glimpse of you dinner being served on one of the TV screens dotted around.  Seems kind of odd to have a quality restaurant and TV’s playing.

It was a quiet night out at the Viaduct, even though the weather has been fantastic and so sitting wasn’t a problem and we sat outside under a heater.

Wait staff were attentive and there were a lot of them around.

Drinks. Well I’d been on beer, and I’d had enough so I had a cranberry juice that wasn’t very pleasant, thin and watery. The Whiskey wasn’t available either that my visitor wanted, so he opted for something generic.


Them :  Goat’s cheese ice cream and beetroot salad. Served raw with fennel and balsamic dressing.

Me: Crispy pig’s head terrine, with shallot, sultana and caper dressing on a a celeriac puree

Theirs was visually stunning! Mine was nice, but not spectacular.


Them: pumpkin gnocchi, with roast pumpkin puree, char-grilled peppers, goat’s feta, red onion and chilli

Me: Fiordland crayfish linguine, with a saffron and cream sauce.

Theirs was very orange, and “not what I expected” but they ate it all. Mine was served in what I thought was a strange way, in like a dessert bowl, and the portion seemed small.  Seemed a little undercooked, but wasn’t, really moorish and took me no time to polish it off.


I think I won this with : The Pineapple Lump. Dark Chocolate marquise with honeycomb and pineapple sorbet.

They had chocolate hazelnut cheesecake, with Frangelico ganache, sour cherry compote and creme fraiche.

Mine was visually stunning, the sorbet was astounding and this was the dish of the night for me

Their’s was served in a glass, again something I thought might have been strange

We were there a couple of hours chatting about this and that, I finished the night fed and happy, not over full, and not wanting to stop of a maccas on the way home.

Would I go again? Yes I think I’ll take MrsPdubyah there.

Should you go? Well of all the places on the Viaduct this is near the top of the list of places you should stop at, it’s interesting there is a lot going on and they know their stuff.


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