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Beer – #331 – Rogue Farms – Honey Kolsch

Brewed by Rogue Ales this is obviously styled as a Kölsch and the farm is in Newport, Oregon USA

7500ml bottle, which is bright yellow!,  has an ABV: 4.8%  which makes it  in NZ Standard Drinks: 2.83,  26 in IBU and 144 calories a serve.

Of Course, the selfie !

Of Course, the selfie !

Situated just across from 40 acres of Rogue hops, 119 colonies of bees were carefully kept and fed and the honey was uncapped, extracted, filtered, and finally infused into a refreshing Honey Kolsch ale.

This has 10 ingredients: Rogue Farms Dare™ and Risk™ Malts; Wheat, DextraPils & Aciduated Malts; Rogue Hopyard Honey & Wild Flower Honey; Alluvial Hops; Free Range Coastal Water and Kolsch #2 Yeast. Free Range water!, I like the flippancy. I do like the bottle, which is painted glass and not ceramic. So slow on a sunday drinking. Not a lot by way of aroma on opening, not a bad thing, but it did hiss nicely with carbonation. Rogue Farms - Honey Kolsch1Pours a really clear pale yellow with a decent and lasting head. Rather thin on the initial tasting, and slightly sour bitter in the middle. I Was expecting a light and easy drinking beer, and this meets some of the expectations well. I was expecting something perhaps sweeter and fuller though. The pdubyah-o-meter says an easy 7 for this, for am a slower sunday recovery day.  I might have liked this a bit sweeter and perhaps something hopper on the palate, the aroma hints at that. But this is a bit thin and doesn’t deliver what it says on the label especially the honey note, but then if it wasn’t in there perhaps you would appreciate it more.


So the double dip review

Am I enjoying it?  As a Sunday recovery beer yes, it’s mellow. refreshing and is doing a thing.
Would I have another? I easily finished the first 80% of this, then I found it heavier going.
Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? Yes, I would, this is a beer that would aid and assist conversation


Musically it’s Two Door Cinema Club in the background




Golden, top-fermented style native to Kln, Germany. The style has a very narrow profile and many beers that consider themselves to be kölschbiers are not. Generally they have a moderate bitterness, but fairly prominent hop flavour (typically Spalt, Tettnang or Hallertau). They have high effervescence, medium esters, but a rounded, stylish character derived from lagering.

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3 comments on “Beer – #331 – Rogue Farms – Honey Kolsch

  1. kingmidget
    March 30, 2014

    I need to get back to Newport. We were there almost ten years ago when our kids were 8 and 10. We drove up the coast of Oregon, taking our time and stopping at a lot of places. We had lunch at Rogue. I’d like to go back and spend a few days in that town and experience Rogue Brewing on a more detailed level.


    • Pdubyah
      March 30, 2014

      It’s something that’d be on my bucket list if I had one. Generally they make nice beers, and they’re in a nice part of the world.


      • kingmidget
        March 30, 2014

        Honey Kolsch just sounds so incredible. And, yes, “a nice part of the world.” Basically, it’s where I want to live when I retire.


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