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Beer – #344 – Orval – Orval

Getting back to Belgium briefly then with an Orval

Brewed by Brasserie dOrval in the style of a Belgian Ale and they’re based in Florenville – Villers-d.-Orval, Belgium

A simple but unique shaped 330 ml bottle, like a mini wine bottle perhaps, containing a 6.2% ABV beer, translating to 1.61 Standard Drinks in NZ, and this has 186 calories, also this might be 32 IBU things.



In contrast to all the others, the Orval Trappist brewery makes only one beer for the general public. It has an intensely aromatic and dry character. Between the first and second fermentations there is also an additional dry-hopping process. Through this the beer acquires its pronounced hoppy aroma and extra dry taste.

What’s special about Orval’s beer is that hops are added at two different stages of the production process. First, in the brewing room, a large quantity of very fine hops are added – this produces the famous bitter taste and is the reason why the beer keeps for a longer period of time. Later, in the storage cellars, hops are once again added. This is the so-called British “dry hopping,” which produces the delightful aroma that completely enraptures even the most carefully forewarned taster.

Generally considered a prince amongst beers I got two bottles, which is unusual for me, but there were not many left on the shelf and rather than miss out if it was ‘that’ good I took a punt.

Strictly speaking I’ve had this when I’ve been out and about, in a pub, where I didn’t think it was that spectacular, said the man who then did some further research… lets see if the at home version beats the out at the pub version. Besides it was 18 months ago.

OrvalIt’s well carbonated by the hiss, and there is a sour aroma on opening.

Pours more orange than I remember, I can’t remember, and has a health head, and you can pick the aroma as you pour it, haven’t got close to drinking it yet, waiting in vain for the head to cease and desist. Might have to get my nose fluffy.

Of course there is sediment.

Of course I poured it in, not wanting to think that I hadn’t poured the whole bottle.

I really was expecting some with more sweetness and warmth in it than a more sour beer.

So a bit cider like, but with those familiar musty yeasty aromas, which are nice.

I think that the pdubyah-o-meter rating this at a 7 on the scale of things is, in my opinion, fair. 7 being better than good.

  1. Am I enjoying it?  I’m not not enjoying it
  2. Would I have another?  hahah I do have another in the fridge, perhaps later
  3. Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights?  I would as a discussion starter on why people would think this is amongst the best of beers, but not to talk about the sportsball results.

Bit of Paloma Faith for accompaniment, a real mixed bag of an album – this track “Only love can hurt like this”


Belgian-style ales seldom fit neatly into classic beer styles, but this category represents those “session” ales (in Belgium this means under 7% abv!) that do not fit other categories. Colour ranges from golden to deep amber, with the occasional example coming in darker. Body tends to be light to medium, with a wide range of hop and malt levels. Yeastiness and acidity may also be present.


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2 comments on “Beer – #344 – Orval – Orval

  1. Cliff
    October 27, 2015

    Hi Philip. Orval has Brettanomyces yeast in it, hence the sourness.

    Cheers -Cliff,

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