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Beer – #385 – Pink Elephant – Trumpet

Home alone and so it’s comfort beer (I hope) and one that’s been in the fridge a while – the Pink Elephant Trumpet – 2013 vintage – of course Brewed by Pink Elephant this one in the style of a  Barley Wine and they are based in a nice part of the country – Blenheim, Malborough, New Zealand

A 500ml bottle, which is  9.6% ABV, so being 3.75 standard drink units, but only 315 calories.

Trumpet is a Barley Wine. This is lovely when fresh as the hop additions are
prominent with an aroma of mixed fruit leathers. 
Has some caramel, Honey, vanilla and dried apricot flavours.It may be cellared for many years and will lead to an amazingly complex ale Vertical tastings are possible with this Ale

yes, it's a selfie

yes, it’s a selfie

A hoppy and malty Barley Wine style. This is lovely when fresh as the hop additions are prominent. However, it may be cellared for many years and will lead to an amazingly complex ale as the many ingredients blend together to give a truly classic Barley Wine

Poured a slightly dark golden with a weak almost white head. Aroma of mixed fruit leather I used to get in my lunchbox at school, some stale caramel and honey, quite sweet but still pleasant. Thin mouthful for the abv. lots of weird cola, vanilla and dried apricot. so many fruits come to mind when drinking this stuff its incredible. The finish is a touch warming and shows more stonefruit. good stuff.

So a lot going on perhaps.  But the music is mellow and I’m home alone, which beggars the questions as to why the music isn’t louder. It will be later.

Don’t know that the 2013 tag will make any difference.

TrumpetFruity and dark chocolate on opening this which is a nice start, didn’t seem over carbonated either, it’s quite a pleasing smell I might get around to pouring in a minute.

Dark treacle colour on the pour, looks really great, all chestnut and rich orange, with a nice smallish head that seems lively though. The nice aroma doesn’t carry through though, except for the raisin thing.

Oh wow that’s another beer with a really full and interactive mouthfeel. Lot of sweetness, lots of richness,  nice muted bitterness, I’ve found another beer that seems to tick my boxes.

Nice to drink then this really needs to be had with something to kick with it like blue cheese or something to temper the tartness that begins to settle with it warming.

I realise though that I’ve drunk a goodly amount before I realised that, and I don’t have the foresight to have got the cheese thing going on. It’s hard with this home alone thing.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 8.5 a of its things from the thing. I liked the initial aroma which didn’t make it into the glass. I love the sweetness and the way that it’s easy to pick the raisins and fruits in this, but there is a tartness that creeps in giving it a bit of an edge.

It is however a cracking beer to have on a chilly night and would be best mates with some cheese or something to balance it up.

Oh and the 2013 tag, made a difference 🙂

The double dip review

  1. Am I enjoying it? I am so enjoying this that it’s nearly all gone before I had time to sit and contemplate.
  2. Would I have another? I would! and I would like the last beer possibly put it in  a cool dark place for another time next year perhaps in the hope that the fruits kicked on and added body.
  3. Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? Yes without a doubt this is an end of evening type beer that would lead to a port that would lead to a hangover….

Tonight thanks to a  recommend from my little brother, music is from  Tindersticks – this song “Sweet Memory”  – Indie/Chamber Pop is how they’re described. I’m listening and I will be judging.


A Barley Wine is a strong, top-fermenting ale, with an alcohol contents of at least 9% and up to 13% (or more) by volume. Hops may be hardly noticeable at all or very noticeable. Sip them out of the special glass, that will concentrate the aroma. They are excellent with cigars or with dessert.

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2 comments on “Beer – #385 – Pink Elephant – Trumpet

  1. simonbroderick
    May 25, 2014

    I always thought of Tindersticks as a red wine kind of band… barley wine though… could work! I saw them in St Canice’s Cathederal, Kilkenny about four years ago, it was one memorable gig and singer Stuart even spoke to me afterwards: ‘Cheers cock!’ 🙂


  2. Philip Walter
    July 30, 2014

    30th July – This from @PinkEleBrewery “@philwalter Dish @dishmagnz recently conducted a blind tasting of 64 Strong Ales.”Trumpet” triumphed finishing 8th”

    Which is great news.


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