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It’s the Word Cup (9)

Day Ten 

The gritty games in the middle of the round, none of them particularly glamorous and I might pick Argentina, German and a Draw

Three teams through already and three teams on their way home so far.

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m not as bright as I might be otherwise.

Game One:  (game twenty-seven ) 

Argentina – Iran  Straight away ref is called into action, and there are some stray studs causing a few stoppages. Hopefully not a pre-cursor to the rest of the game. First real effort for Iran though, it goes wide.

Iran happy to give up possession here for a solid 10 man behind the ball defence, it’s clear their game plan is to stifle and contain. Argentina have 3 forwards that need to work this out otherwise it’s going to be depressing and goaless.

The Iran patten is obvious to see  because of the red shirts they’re wearing. This could be along game. Iran are prepared to push players into attack though and Messi  fails to make the most of a breakaway from defence allowing Iran to resume normal service.

30 minutes Argentina have the best of the few chances, but nothing for their efforts, they are now trying too hard.  It ends 0-0 at the half an unusual score-line in this word cup.

Second half and more of the same I imagine, it’s working for Iran.

Open header and Iran fail to take a golden chance, followed by  a  yellow card finally shown, clumsy and awkward challenge or the poor acting afterwards?

Lucky not to have a yellow card for dissent at a declined penalty shout, that would have been a soft penalty but I get the passion, chances are rare in this game, and Argentina sloppy in defence there. Wasn’t a penalty and you can’t behave that way, it might be a surprise but the decision has been made and won’t be changed by your tantrums. He was running away from the goal for a vll that he wasn’t going to get to, besides which it was a great piece of defence.

That would have sparked it up somewhat.  Got to say that given the unable attack and the flaky defence that Argentina are not putting the fear in the opposition or future opposition.  Second yellow and a free kick on the edge of the Iran box, a chance wasted again.

15 to go, Iran have to be wondering if they’re going to steal this, Argentina have to wonder what they need to do to steal this.  85 minutes and Iran break and the shot it straight at the keeper, that sums up the attack for Iran.

Added time, and Argentina steal it with a thunderous shot from about 20 yards, Iran have been robbed.

1-0 Argentina

Game Two: (game twenty-eight )

Germany v Ghana –  Ghana have a lot to do after their defeat to the USA, and Germany need to stamp their quality on this to be convincing.

First chance however to Ghana in the early part of this game, Germany are pressing high and that could lead to more chances.

Almost 20 minutes before Germany get a real chance, which they don’t take, but it seems to galvanise them and they look for more opportunity.

Both teams want this but theres nothing clear and it’s 0-0 at the half time break.

Change of shape at half time for Germany brings almost immediate results at 50 minutes with a goal. Very well worked and great cross and great finish. This is better.

As often happens the game goes a bit helper skelter and witting a couple of minutes it 1-1 fine header from a fine cross #scenes

Both teams have to keep pushing for different reasons, and it’s Ghana that come up with  a goal to take a come from behind 2-1 lead. Who would have though that would happen!

Pass cracks the offside line and a fantastic finish for that goal. #Scenes Germany need to focus and get this back on track.

Some deep breaths and the German team unpick the Ghana defence from a corner and 2-2 – Klose gets his 15th Word Cup goal, good effort,  a highlight reel goal

2-2 and it’s all on again.

Lots of cut and thrust and in the end an entertaining half to finish the match but it’s 2-2 honours even.

Game Three: (game twenty-nine )

Nigeria v Bosnia Herzegovina  Hope this has more goals in the first half than the last two games have had.

Yellow card in the first five minutes for a tackle that would have been worthy on the rugby field.  This defender looks clumsy and deserves that for his 3rd indiscretion.

Bosnia Herzegovina defence beaten again but the forward player can’t get on the end, both teams going all out in the early minutes.

Inevitably the pace slows to sometimes a walk. At 20 minutes  a disallowed goal seems to be the wrong call but the linesman in this case, no referral system and it’s still 0-0. Bosnia Herzegovina getting into a groove now.

in a very open game Nigeria get the opening goal for 1-0 Bosnia Herzegovina players kicking off! #scenes ball slid into the middle and a tap in finish. Referee isn’t going to reverse that no matter how you wave your arms.

Harsh game when Bosnia Herzegovina get a goal disallowed for a not offside, and then a cain for a foul declined at the other end to go 1 down. 

Controversy all over but 1-0 at the half in an entertaining game. 

Bosnia Herzegovina bring on a fresh striker at 55 minutes, but at the back they’re all over the place.  Nigeria are on top of their game, can they make it work to their advantage with a goal?

Nigeria slowing the game down with long dramatic pauses in play. This game is quote engaging and another goal would be a bonus.

Game gets to the frantic final 5, you sense that there might be a twist in this, and air ball from the Bosnia Herzegovina striker doesn’t help much though, comic if not tragic.

Point blank header saved, when it’s not your day it isn’t your day.  Followed by an off the post!! So close, so cruel.

1-0 Nigeria. A game not without incident or controversy. Bosnia Herzegovina on the bus home.

Side note that a New Zealand referee had control this game, there’s always one somewhere to make the local news connection. 

2 comments on “It’s the Word Cup (9)

  1. kingmidget
    June 22, 2014

    Of what I’ve seen, the second half of the Germany-Ghana game was probably the best of this World Cup so far. At least to my uneducated soccer eyes.


    • Philip Walter
      June 22, 2014

      It all came to life in the second half that had the commentators all enthusiastic.

      Good win for USA over Canada in the Ruuuugby, Good luck for the match against the NZ All Blacks , they demolished the English team last night in an awesome display of speed and power and skill..


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