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It’s the World Cup (17)

The Knockout round! Round 3

Winners in these two matches get to face off in the next round.  I’m going to say that France and Germany have to be favourites. Can’t see these going to extra time either.

Game one:

France – Nigeria: This game starts well, and Nigeria are in full flow, doing things quickly. First chance a cross from the right wing finds Odemwinge who can’t control the ball, but that he had space might worry France and encourage Nigeria.

The pace has gone from the game after 10 minutes, with teams poking to set up and use their pace in bursts.  15 minutes in and France again look open from a cross from the wing, this time from a set piece. An opportunity in Front from about 24 yards sails over the bar.

GOAL! disallowed, wow that was close, a low cross in and the player had moved too soon, that should send the hurry up thought the french.  At the other end France test the defence but offside and  shocker of an attempt, an airball, from the striker.

French flair and class get shown as a fast move brings out a stunning save from the goalkeeper, top class work both sides.  The game has really opened up.

30 minutes gone. Pace has again  gone from the game. the French on attack look really good, they’re being stifled though at the final pass.  Both sides looking to score a goal in the minutes before half-time but both sides doing enough to cancel each other out.

Nigeria with lightly more possession at 53% and more shots on target with 4 from 5, France with 2 from 6 one of those that magnificent save,

Second half. Wonder what the team talk was like. Whilst not end to end this is a game of cut and thrust with both sides taking the ball forward.  Nigeria lose a player to a bad foul causing injury, never a good thing. Lively first 15 minutes of this half, despite the long stops for injuries.

Nigeria not holding back, and Lloris is called to make a save.  France have a great opportunity and the goalkeeper block a shot that is then hooked off the line. Still 0-0.

Last 15 minutes normal time. France have upped the pace. Off the bar!!!  France can’t buy a goal! Nigeria defending will, the goalkeeper again spectacular stop.

GOAL! Having shown how good a goalkeeper he is from the resulting corner he flails at one that falls to the French who slot the ball in to go 1-0.  Pogba with a great header.

10 minutes to go, it’ll be all out for Nigeria now and the French having to defend (and no cruel jokes about how poor as a country they are at that).

GOAL! France hold fast and are looking for a 2nd. From a short corner a short pass to the near post and it’s poked in for 2-0 Nigeria defence nowhere to be seen there.   That appears to be an own goal

2-0 France

Game two:

Germany – Algeria: This to decide who plays France.

Algeria with 5 in the midfield obviously trying to curb the German team in attack.  In a bizarre moment there are 21 players in the Algeria half as Germany attack. The play breaks down and the German goalkeeper is our of goal and half-way up the pitch trying to close down the striker, it could end badly but he does enough.

The midfield defence is paying off as Algeria have their tail up and have a couple of real chances that Germany scramble to contain. An interesting first 10 minutes.

GOAL!  At 15 minutes Algeria have a goal disallowed as offside, Germany have to be worried that they’re allowing so many chances.  It’s a game balanced, with lots of chances and potential.

30 minutes gone, Algeria free kick, not even close. At the other end Germany go close but no cigar.

40 minuted a crashing shot saved by the Algeria goalkeeper it blocks and rebounds to the Germany forward but it’s smothered. Risky from the goalkeeper.  At the end of the half Germany have the upper hand.  It’s 0-0 at the break

All the possession 68% to Germany and with 6 shots to 2 on goal they’re doing the attacking. Algeria have had some great chances not taken it’s not all that one sided.

Second stanza. One goal will be enough in this game you sense. Germany need to stop shooting from long distance and unlock the defence, Algeria need to keep doing what they do.

Germany have played 43 games in world cup finals since their last 0-0 game in 1986.

Open header signals the intention of Germany, fine save. Germany defend from a corner, goalkeeper fumbles and recovers the ball, and then amazingly releases his forward player with a long clearance that is covered by the Algeria defence. Corner.  From which the play is immediately at the other end… real end to end play in a couple of minutes there.

Amateur dramatics hour commences…..

10 man defence from Algeria being deployed.  Germany still having shotes from range, this one tipped over, another great save.

There is little pace in this game, Algeria seem to have the Germany team in check and are getting some traction down the wing side. The game though is compressed into the middle 1/3rd

The Germany goalkeeper has spent a lot of time out of his box on defence this game, all very exciting, and indicating that Germany are either pressing hard forward or getting caught out at the back, or some of both.

Germany want this and are consistently making space and opportunity, you sense though that it’s going to be extra time even with 10 to go.

87 minutes, Germany go for the comedy routine and completely mess up a set routine, falling over your own feet, that’ll be the highlight reel. No break in the deadlock.

0-0 and extra time to be played.

GOAL! Coach clearly made his point as at 2 minutes Germany finally crack it. Simple pass to the middle of the 6 yard box and it’s in at the far post. #scenes  Clever opportune speculator finish. Schuler.

Germany not content with one are still looking to score, and a 1 on 1 opportunity is well defended by Algeria, Halliche the defender then is substituted injured, which is shame he’s played well.

Sharp chance at the other end as Algeria get a rare effort on target from a corner and a snap shot, so close, just wide.

Final 15 then – Germany might feel they have this.

Time running out quickly for Algeria

GOAL! 118 minutes – 2 to play – Germany 2-0 midfield though ball, Germany have a mans in space, he turns in inside to Ozil, who sees the goalkeeper rushing and plays it back to Schuler who side foots it into the defender on the line, goalkeeper is now in nowhere land, it ricochets bak to Ozil who makes no mistake this time and slams it home.

You have to think that is that.

GOAL! Overtime of 2 more minutes to be played and Algeria  get one back!!!! Slimani the best Algeria player on the end of a long cross from the right and class finish. No it’s been credited to Djabou

2-1 any more twists ? No it’s all over. #scenes.

Germany v France.



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