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It’s the World Cup (18)

The Knockout round! Round 4 of 4

Winners in these two matches get to face off in the next round.

Switzerland possibly the best outside bet and Belgium should be the goods.

Something from Twitter

Something from Twitter

Game one:

Argentina – Switzerland: The early game.

A game where Argentina had all the possession and as often is the way in football nearly ended the half a goal down.

Switzerland hit the ball long on the break and Drmic raced through on goal after a delightful one-two with the impressive Xherdan Shaqiri, but the striker in some kind of world where this would work, attempted a chip which landed straight into Romero’s arms

Half time team talk may help. Switzerland open with a great opportunity the goalkeeper fumbled and bumbles it but saves, still 0-0

Argentina then seemed to be always on attack but lacked finish and the game mooched into Extra Time.

Where it mooched along until the last minutes of the game when improbably Messi put through the most incompetent player on the night who scored

Switzerland galvanised came close almost immediately but failed to connect

1-0 Argentina

Game two:

Belgium – USA :

Belgium don’t conceded many goals, but these are matches that are fraught with conservative play.

Slow an ponderous start for both teams, either they have the effects mikes down or the crowd isn’t very vocal.

USA get the first player caution of the the match, in a patch where they look quite good. A very sharp and awkward 1-2 gives Dempsey a chance but the goalkeeper is up to it.

30 minutes and Belgium are in a peril where they’re making chances.

Half finishes with opportunities at both ends.  But 0-0

Second half starts and Howard shows how to fly with a most incredible save.

Belgium are playing a possession game, trying to set up something but not able to do so. Then everyone misses a pass through the box, it went past 5 players all on their wrong foot. so close for Belgium.  Howard then leaves one that grazes the bar, he was all but beaten. Then makes a great save, a real purple patch for Belgium.

Belgium make a tactical change. Belgium now appear to be firing at will. It’s all hustle.

Howard is keeping USA in the game.

Inside the final 10 minutes before extra time. USA have a chance to steal this but can’t make it work for them, Belgium still working away.  Kompany make a fine tackle in his own area,carries the ball and ends up just missing the final touch at the other end.

How did that not go in! USA chip the ball over the bar with all but the last kick of normal time.

Full time, and so extra time. Belgium make a tactical substitution and within 2 minutes they’ve cracked the USA defence and go 1-0 from some sharp work in the box.

2-0. the substitute has too much pace, and USA are done again, simple gal to the path of Lukaku and he makes no drama of it.  half time extra time

What a finish!!!!  USA substitute Green gets onto a delicate chip and thunders it in 2-1

Jones then prods one past the post.  Lukaku at the other end misses.

USA are really really looking for this, clever free kick well defended.

A fine late surge by the USA but it’s too late and too little as their dream is over.

The last quarter final then Argentina v Belgium.

2 comments on “It’s the World Cup (18)

  1. Pats Pints
    July 3, 2014

    As a USA supporter I have to say that Belgium were the better team and deserved to win the game. Still an amazing performance by Tim Howard and the US almost stole one here. Oh well, kudos to Belgium. I’ll be rooting for them to go far based on their beer if nothing else.


    • Philip Walter
      July 3, 2014

      Tim as amazing, I’m picking he will be played by Tom Cruise in the Movie 🙂 it was a far far better game than the Argentina one that played earlier.


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