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It’s the World Cup (21)

Semi-Final Day # 1

Germany v Brazil

Brazil at home, sight favourites

Germany #1 in the FIFA rankings

Both teams look like they’ve gone 4-4-2

Germany her the game started, and first stop is for a corner for Brazil.They also have the first real shot in the game.

Brazil living dangerously with a half appeal for handball

DAS GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 minutes, first corner floated to the back post and bosh it’s in, unmarked at the back, acrobatic and it does the job

DAS GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 minutes – Goal #16 for Klose –  Brazil all over the show like a mad womans hair! Really

DAS GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 minutes Blitzkrieg open striker on the edge of the box, and have at that

DAS GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 minutes and 4-0 Klose gets a second goal in 2 minutes, defence no where, brazil no where.  Stolen in midfield and the defence is frankly rubbish

4-0 to Germany, and Brazil have really surrendered this, no time even to stop and write an insightful comment between action.

DAS GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FIVE – five I can’t believe it no one can believe it 30 minutes.  Defence stand and watch as Germany run it at them.

Goals at 11 and then a rest, then 23-24-26-29

Brazil have 55% possession and nothing to show for it.

10 minutes to go until the half time. Germany have 9 shots on goal all on target, 5 goals.

Brail are in disarray still in defence.

5 minutes to go in the half, and Brazil are still making heavy weather of everything. The half time oranges and chat should be interesting.

Half-Time 5-0

Brazil did get beaten 6-0 once at the World Cup, – Uruguay 1920

Second half, couple of substitutions.

Sympathy goal for Brazil is all that can be hoped for really.

Good chance for Brazil in the box, couple of passes but the German goalkeeper has that covered.

Shot straight at the German goalkeeper, thats two good chances.

Another shot straight at the goalkeeper – Neuer that’s 3 and the rebound attempt – that makes it 4. Brazil don’t appear to be able to buy a goal.

Neuer makes another save, making it look dramatic to liven up the game.

60 minutes – Germany might be happy with 5, the game will meander along this half, Brazil though give the ball away again and Germany can’t convert, nor does that long range effort curb enough. It remains 5-0

DAS GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SIX, goal on 69 minutes. Brazil have been given a total lesson and capitulated in the worst way.

And then the stay feet and elbows started.

75 minutes in,

DAS GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Possibly the best one so far, thunderous shot from a tight angle that would be seven. Really good finish and the celebrations are muted somewhat, Germany don’t have an appetite for rubbing this in. Schurrle.

Recap the scorers so far

T Muller 11
M Klose 23
T Kroos 24
T Kroos 26
S Khedira 29
A Schurrle 69
A Schurrle 79

With only 5 minutes to go, and little added time Germany are just enjoying it. Brazil want it finished.

Oscar didn’t really even try to finish that chance and the ball flies wide. Bernard has a lash at one, it ends up on the 2nd tier of the stand, Germany dash down the other end and Ozil slides one past the post.

GOAL !!!!!  With what could be the last kick of the game Oscar one-on-one slams one in for Brazil, nice finish, making it 7-1

Couple of extra minutes to be played, the Germany team won’t let another goal in, Brazil press, Germany break, Whistle goes.

#scenes as the game finishes.  Germany through to the finals, and Brazil to the dreaded and almost dead-rubber 3rd/4th place play off.


2 comments on “It’s the World Cup (21)

  1. Pats Pints
    July 10, 2014

    Unbelievable game. It was like watching a rec league match between minutes 20 and 30. In terms of having fresh legs and even quality of attacking football Germany should have a big edge over Argentina in the final.


    • Philip Walter
      July 10, 2014

      Neither side will have home crowd advantage, and Brazillians won’t side with Argentina. The 3/4 game could be festival football if both teams want to enjoy it.


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