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It’s the World Cup (22)

Semi Final #2

The Netherlands v Argentina

South American pride, and they are the favourites with the bookmakers, after yesterday nothing is certain really in the beautiful game.

Line up appears to be a 3-5-2 for the Netherlands and a 4-4-2 for Argentina.

First 5 minutes wanders past, Argentina has the slight possession advantage.

10 minutes – There is no pace in the game, it’s all about keeping possession and trying to find a weakness. Some very good defence .

22 yard free kick, ideal for the left footed Messi, and thats a fantastic save by Cillessen

15 minutes – not so much happening

2o minutes – Argentina looking slightly more aggressive, they’re still 56/44 on possession. Can’t make anything of their 4th corner kick.

30 minutes – If you like your football all tactical and about possession this is for you.

last 5 minutes this half. It got a bit fractious in the last few moments.  A Final flourish by Argentina but nothing changes in the game and it’s 0-0

Half-time, coffee needed.

Starts off much the same, The Netherlands passing trying to set the defence up, Argentina much the same.

55 minutes – There does appear to be more action from both sides as they must look to break the deadlock.  Argentina has the best opportunity but the header was average.

60 minutes – Thinking either a moment of brilliance will win this, or it’s all the way to penalties. Second substitution for the Netherlands.

70 minutes – sudden burst of passing gives the Netherlands a chance but it’s offside. At the other end Argentina get a chance that is into the side netting, the crowd almost went wild

10 to go, and Argentina make two substitutions.

Last 5 of normal time..  Robben with a direct run into the area, and it’s taken off his toe at the last moment, so close to a goal.

Full time – 0-0

Defensive 6-3-1

Defensive 6-3-1

Extra time:

Van Persie is the final substitution for the Netherlands.

Argentina also make their last change.

Couple of chances at either end but nothing to break the deadlock.  It remains 0-0

Second half with a long delay for an injury, no more substitutions so its fix and send back on.

Netherlands have turned the possession around and now have 55/45

Argentina!!!! no it’s headed straight at the goalkeepers welcoming hands with no pace whatsoever.

Still 0-0

Argentina again, but the shot of fluffed and again the goalkeeper isn’t tested.

Netherlands at walking pace and Argentina with all players in defence, it’s down to the wire and penalties .

All set then – The Netherlands to take the first shot

  • SAVE !!!!!!!! Side footed at the goalkeeper Sergio Romero
  • GOAL –  1 – 0 to Argentina – Messi
  • GOAL – 1 – 1 Robben  with no mistakes
  • GOAL – 2 – 1 Argentina blasted into the net
  • SAVE !!!!!!! Sergio Romero with a brilliant save
  • GOAL – 3 – 1 to Argentina now
  • GOAL – 3 – 2  to Argentina
  • To win it then  – GOAL!!! 4-2 Argentina

Such drama.




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