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It’s the Word Cup (24)

The Final

The final post, the final game.

Germany v Argentina

After all the goals, the drama, the tension and even the dull bits it’s down to this.  The advantage of not having to go to work means I’ve seen every minute of every game, I don’t think I’m going to miss it so much, although the English Premier League starts soon, and that means I get to watch Crystal Palace on a regular basis.

Germany appear to be favourites, having had a day extra of rest, and not having to have played two hours of football, and of course having put a few past the last team they played will make them confident. I picked them 2+ goals.

Argentina in a change of strip from their normal stripes to a solid blue.

Germany line up in 4-5-1, Argentina 4-4-2

First free-kick chance for Germany 30 yards, straight in front. Way too complicated, Argentina break and flags one across the goal at the other end.  Cut and thrust.

Messi shows his pace and lays a ball back that has no one there, but that was quick.

10 minutes – Argentina having a lot of chances on their right wing with a couple of lay back chances that haven’t been met with a shot on goal. Germany a free-kick on their left of the box, 25 yards, cleared. Germany might have the advantage of territory and possession at this point.

20 minutes – Germany get it wrong and a back header falls to the Argentina striker who turns and snatches his shot just wide…. That is a golden chance that should have been taken, Higuain – they might regret that later.  Germany probing and get the ball to feet in the box, but with back to the ball they can’t get a shot on goal. Good defence Argentina.

30 minutes – and a yellow card for Schweinsteiger for lazy play, bit harsh perhaps. Free kick a long way out and no opportunity for a strike from Messi from that range.

GOAL !!!! Argentina have the ball the in the net – DISSALLOWED – Offside. Again their right hand wing is paying out for them with  too much space being left.  Still 0-0

Germany forced into  a substitution with Kramer going off, he picked up a head knock earlier in the game and looks a bit spaced out.  Howedes for Germany picks up a yellow card, and he’s a bit lucky that wasn’t something more, studs up and high.

Last 10 minutes this half – Messi might have done better to have a shot rather than the pass to the middle there. Shot on goal for Germany – brilliant save! Schurrle took his chance there.  Messi drives to the line and then to goal, but the German goalkeeper is up to it and the defence clears. Again though Germany open on their left wing. Germans trying route one, and the final shot a bit soft.

2 minutes of added time, German corner – over the bar, another corner, cannons against the post !!!!! Offside though and wouldn’t have counted.

Half time and the score is 0-0

Possession favours Germany 64% to 36%  and shots on goal are  Germany 4 with 3 on target to Argentina 3 and 1.

A lot of football in that opening half, some chances not taken, good defence by Argentina who are closing the game down on the Germans. All to play for.

Second-Half gets underway.

Game starts with a tactical substitution from Argentina.

Have to go back to Final in 1994 (USA)  for a final game that finished 0-0 at full time. This game looks like there is a goal in it.

Argentina start the brighter with an early shot on goal, but offside. Messi then torments the German left corner again and has a shot inches wide. Argentina having  their best period of the game.

50 minutes – Germany haven’t yet found their rhythm.  Referee plays advantage where I think Germany might have liked the free-kick. Corner count is growing.  Neur putting himself in the play with acrobatics on the edge of the box in defence, Higuain taken out, not a foul that was just good play.

60 minutes – Germany have upped the pace with some good chances. Argentina pick up a yellow card.  Play compresseses to the middle 1/3rd of the pitch as both teams try to set up attack and are both very good in defence.

75 minutes – The final 15 of normal time.  Tactical substitution for Argentina- Higuain off, he has time to think about that miss in the first half now.

Germany going all out now. Final tactical substitution for Argentina, and Germany to make a change.

5 minutes to go, plus the 3 minutes of added time.

Full-Time and it’s 0-0  – so much for 2+ goals for the Germans then. Kind of feel advantage Argentina at this point.

Extra time starts with Schurrle with a shot off the bar!!!! Chances are coming, but they’re half chances and neither side can convert one.

Still nothing in this and we move to the final 15 minutes of extra time 0-0

Schweinsteiger takes time out for a blood bin. Stray arm in an ariel challenge. There are a few head clashes now, it’s a game of inches.

112 minutes  – GOAL !!!! Germany – Goetze, Fantastic finish from some great play down the left hand wing by Schurlle, onto the Chest, volley – Brilliant !!! 

Argentina concede for the first time ever in an extra time situation, and that’s the first time they’ve been a goal behind in any match this tournament, that could have broken them.

Final Germany substitution, Ozil off Mertesacker on, uses a few seconds.

Final chance perhaps for Messi from a free-kick, 30 yards out, he sets up, way way over the bar, not one for the scrapbook.

Final Whistle and Germany have won the FIFA World Cup 1-0.

Germany become the first European or non South-American team to take the trophy when it’s been played in South America.


2 comments on “It’s the Word Cup (24)

  1. kingmidget
    July 14, 2014

    You mentioned something here that I’m baffled at. Referees very rarely “played advantage” during this World Cup. I was, unfortunately, on an airplane for most of the game today. Certainly would have been nice to see it. My kids told me that Schweinstieger (who is my favorite soccer player just because I like saying that name) got hammered several times in the second half and extra time.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your summaries of the action.


    • Philip Walter
      July 15, 2014

      You see it more in open play, so the middle 1/3rd of the pitch, you have to watch the ref to see it, as mostly it’s in situations where there sent a lot of players around. This one was in a very attacking position which is why it was unusual.


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