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It’s the World Cup (23)

The Playoff for 3rd and 4th. That peculiar game that neither team would rather play, in any tournament

Festival football, or a dour affair that’ll peter out and meander on. Not a lot to pick between these two though.

Brazil line up 4-3-3, the Netherlands 5-3-2

Less than two minutes in and it’s a penalty for The Netherlands and the Brazil defender lucky not to be shown a straight red card for a professional foul denying a clear goal scoring opportunity. Done for Pace by Robben. Silva lucky then to only get a yellow.

Van Persie step up facing Cesar – GOAL!!!! 1-0 The Netherlands

(Goal #168 this is Tournament, Goal #12 conceded by Brazil this tournament)

5 minutes in Brazil breaks but the cross goes begging past two forwards, good defence there. 8 minutes in and Robben gets a booking.

10 minutes – there’s been a fair bit of action and entertainment in this, Brazil looking for the equalising goal probe the Netherlands defence which is sharp. Netherlands doing their bit by looking for a 2nd.

GOAL!!!! 2 -0 The Netherlands – 16 minutes –  Horrible and woeful defending by Brazil. Blind finds the ball at his feet on the penalty spot and he slots it in. Luiz heads the ball to him, that can you do. They should have defended that cross much better. Shambles the word that comes to mind. Brazil now lead the most goals conceded chart.

20 minutes – Oscar with a shot on goal, from distance, but without the power, easy save. He then cracks the offside line but can’t control the ball. A goal is coming… it must be.

Brazil with an attacking free-kick just outside the box, headed wide.

30 minutes – the game has settled down into a rhythm. The crowd entertain themselves with a Mexican wave, which might be a reflection of the rhythm that is in the game.

35 minutes  – another attacking free kick across the face of the goal and it evades everyone, close however does not count.

Last few minutes and another free-kick just outside the box, and played straight into the wall and then the rebound straight into the fans.

Half-Time and it remains 2-0 to the Netherlands

Brazil had 55% of the possession, 6 shots on goal, 1 on target to 4 and 3 on target for the Dutch.

Shots on Goal 1st Half

Shots on Goal 1st Half

Second-Half begins 

Brazil make a tactical substitution.

Bright start by Brazil in the opening couple of minutes.

50 minutes –  Robben hustled of the ball, but Brail then run the ball the width of the pitch and don’t get a shot on goal from it. Brazil are pressing a lot of players forward and this might leave them open at the back for the counter-attack, but at 2-0 down not a lot to lose.

60 minutes – Average defending by Brazil nearly costs them, it’s like they think they have time on the ball, or are too good to be caught out, it’s not good football.  Ramires has a shot that flashes wide for Brazil, they’re trying to dial it up.  Attacking free-kick on the edge of the penalty area for Brazil – Luiz straight at the goalkeeper, not difficult to gather though.

Yellow card for Oscar for simulation and diving in the penalty box. No Oscar for Oscar there. Exactly what the game doesn’t need.

20 minutes to go.  Brazil have 60% of the possession in the game so far.  The game has somewhat meandered with the Dutch not really trying that hard and Brazil without much strategy and vision.

5 minutes to go. Brazil with the 10 man attack, Netherlands with the 10 man defence.

GOAL!!!! The Netherlands rubbing salt into the wound get a soft 3rd goal, cross to the middle, unmarked player and it’s straight into the net. Wijnaldum – nice finish.  Then they substitute the goalkeeper, nice touch to ensure he gets a medal for playing.

Brazil finish the game faffing about in disarray in defence and deserve what they got today

It finishes 3-0 to the Netherlands, a game that started well but then Brazil kind of lost their way. The Netherlands didn’t impress so much they too seemed to have a lack of vision.

Possession 58/42 to Brazil.

2nd Half shot map

2nd Half shot map


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