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More heart than bubbles: All Good’s fair trade drinks

I love a good soft drink and these might be the go. All Good Organics is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company…

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From bananas to softdrinks, All Good Organics is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company trying to bring fair trade and organic produce to kiwis. Through ethical trading in Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Ecuador, this is a company that is trying to make a difference in the face of big business exploitation. With the Karma Cola Foundation they are providing support for communities struggling with HIV/Aids and Ebola. They have raised $30,000 USD since 2012, these guys are making a strong headway. Some of this fund raising comes from a portion of the profits from their softdrink range. In this range they have Karma Cola, Lemmy Lemonade and Gingerella, as well as five flavours of sparkling water. These can be found across the country in a variety of different stores, cafes and bars. Common Sense Organics is one of the more reliable suppliers.

Karma Farming

Their flagship brew is…

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