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Beer – #665 – Behemoth – Generous Sample IPA

Unusual to see this keg beer at the local shop, they have a great relationship with the brewer. To that end then, Generous beer, Music Samples, Random Samples , and Generous gatherings.

Big, bitter, fruity

From the keg a 6.4% ABV beer, 1 litre thereof, 72 IBU things, 192 calories a serve size and this would be 5.05 standard drink units worth.

Brewed by Behemoth Brewing Company in the style that is  India Pale Ale (IPA) and that was done in Auckland, New Zealand

Generous smile and a generous fill

Generous smile and a generous fill

Big, bold, bitter, resiny, fruity IPA with Amarillo and Mosiac hops in the boil and a generous amount of Vic Secret hops from Hop Products Australia in the dry hop.

So, what could possibly go wrong? The first big decision was sleeve or special glass. I went the traditional pot.

It’s a generous size to drink beer from, a pint.

Of course there is that grass aroma, not an IPA without it, and the associated warm sugary aroma too.

This is a really pale beer, so much so that MrsPhil made a disparaging remark, which I won’t share. Mind you I’ve been mostly drinking darker beers so I forgive her.

Brilliant pour with a really crisp white head of some depth, due mostly to my inept pouring probably, but it is persistent and fluffy, and did I mention brilliant white.

Generous SampleAroma in the glass fresh cut grass mostly.

And that really is bitter beyond the 72 IBU things, although its slap in the middle for IPA generally.  But after the initial burst and explosion its such better.

Finish is very dry and I can feel that at the back of the tongue tingling away.

Mouthfeel is so/so it is neither full or thin, just enough perhaps.

Tastes of grass predominate though, but that isn’t all bad and somehow its quite endearing. I would though like this to have some more of that sweet caramel thing in the middle to make a fuller mouthfeel and add that little extra layer of things to savour on the way though.

For a limited/one-off/experimental beer this though does show just how good the brewer is at his trade, where I assume ‘secret hop’ means ‘experimental hybrid’, but then I like a good story.

The nice thing though that I’m having conversations and pottering about and this has sat and warmed in the glass a bit and it’s the same now as then, again a good thing.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 8 of its things from the thing. I like this but I thought the bitterness was a bit insistent and persistent. I like the tropical things that this has on the low-down though and that might be dialled up a bit, like I know what I’m talking about 🙂

The double dip review

  • Am I enjoying it? I am, it’s a great beer of the style.
  • Would I have another? I will finish the bottle of course, but might not get a refill.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? I possibly would, it is quite bitter and dry and that might not pan out well in well behaved gathering.

Music for this : ” Widowspeak” ” All Yours” of course on the Spotify.Widowspeak is an American indie rock band from BrooklynNew York City.  The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas.


India Pale Ale gets its name and unique style from British brewers who were making beer for export to India. This style has an intense hop flavor which was used to preserve the beer for the long voyage. India Pale Ale has a golden to copper color with a medium maltiness and body. The aroma is moderate to very strong. IPAs work especially well at cutting the heat of chili, vindaloo or Sichuan cuisine.

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