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Beer – #666 – Panhead – Hardtail Henry Oaked Stout

666, a weird number in itself, and needed a special beer to get me there. This might also be seen around as Canhead Hardtail Henry Oaked Stout, part of the Canhead range of 4 beers.

Look into the depths of this oaked stout and you can sense the darkness in his soul.

This is in a very artistic 500ml can that has an 8.5% ABV  beer of 240 calories a serve size, it’s 2.77 standard drink units in the can.

Brewed by Panhead Custom Ales in the style that is of  Stout and they are in Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Lie with the devil long enough and his stench rubs off on you.

Hard trying to look hard.

Hard trying to look hard.

To those who met him henry carried not just the smell, but the ear and aspect of sin itself.

But this was a deception, collateral damage from a communion with dark forces he’d spent his life opposing.

All he knew was the dread and the road, that coiling snake whose end is marked only by the final reckoning.

Look into the depths of this oaked stout and you can sense the darkness in his soul.

So, what could possibly go wrong?  I’d been putting this beer off, mostly because I wasn’t sure if it was bad beer in art cans, but I’ve been convinced that it’s good beer in good art cans. So then what was I to do?

Aroma from the can on opening burnt caramel malt chocolate rich fruit. which I tried as one word but spellchecker wasn’t having it.

It’s like pouting oil and finishes with a brilliant thickness of head, mocha coffee dark. Aroma in the glass is chocolate coffee and a faint sharpness of grassiness.

Canhead Hardtail HenryWords cannot describe how joyous that is, what a thing!

  • Carbonation level is spot on.
  • Bitterness is spot on.
  • Burnt caramel malt things spot on,
  • Oak woodiness adds a counterpoint dryness note that might need a tad more thought,

But this is a party in a glass if ever there was one.

Each sip  gives a gentle reminder of its bitterness before the sweetness swoops back in to balance and flatter.  This is a lush and decadent beer which masks its alcohol well, because you’d underestimate it if you didn’t know.

Love that sweetness, almost rich steeped fruits rich, and then the finish , not tart and not dry.

Oh why did I doubt this.

Desperately trying not to quaff this as it really is that moorish and desirable. It’s not often I bang on lyrical about a beer (he said in denial) but this is outstanding of its style and type, presentation and delivery. Even after drinking this  the lacing looks slick and fancy and then I frown as that means it’s all over rover.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 10 of its things from the thing. Oaked Stout. Who knew? The woody oak adds a great counterpoint to the sweetness and bitterness that this has, a strange and wonderful mix. If they could take tone down a tad the oakiness out of this then this might be the beer to end all beers and time to stop drinking as there would be no point in continuing.  I jest and mean only the style that is ‘ Oaked Stout’ 🙂 so many other beers to drink, so little time.

The double dip review

  • Am I enjoying it? Yes, this would go straight to the poolroom.
  • Would I have another? Yes, all I have to do is talk to entertainment and finance about the budget.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? Be the party and turn up to a party with this, it is a show stopper a pièce de résistance, the peak, the pinnacle. It’s a bit good.

Music for this:  ” The Wedding Present ”  this album ” Take Fountain ” on the spotify really is worth a listen, as are all their albums. The Wedding Present are a British indie rock group based in Leeds, England


Many stouts do not fit the classic “Irish” definition as exemplified by Guinness, either due to their hop or roast rates, or higher gravity (in the case of many American stouts). They are still basic stouts, however, not falling into any of the subclasses.


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