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Beer – #685 – Estrella Damm – Inedit

In a frame of mind where I wanted to have something a little different I went with Estrella Damm Inedit – so new country, new brewer, new, new, new and new faces

Aromatized with coriander, orange peel and liquorice.

A brilliant looking 750ml bottle with understated art, which has beer of 4.8% ABV, making it 2.83 standard drink units and around 144 calories a serve size.

Brewed by Damm  this is in the Style that is  Witbier and they are in Barcelona, Spain

Inedit means “Never been done before”. In co-operation witht the brewmaster of Estrella Damm, Inedit was crafted by the globally acclaimed chef Ferran Andria, Juli Soler and sommeliers Ferran Centelles and David Seijas from ElBulli Restaurant to be the first beer specially designed to accompany meals

Posh blok drinks a posh looking beer

Posh bloke drinks a posh looking beer

A skillfully brewed blend of lager and wheat beer styles, Inedit uses a combination of barley malt, wheat, hops, coriander, orange peel, yeast and water. Uniquely brewed to create a complex aroma and opaque appearance, a floral nose leaves a sensation of fresh yeast and sweet spices.

Lightly carbonated with a creamy texture, the soft full body leaves a long and lasting finish.

This also has some licorice and orange zest in the brew, and INEDIT has a darkish colour with amber tones. Please keep in a wine cooler when serving in white wine glasses and do not fill the glass more than half full so as to appreciate all its virtues.

So, what could possibly go wrong? Liquorice, half a white wine glasses, meals… and I’ve only just started.

Aroma on opening  is light to non-existent

In the glass, a lovely light golden beer with a nice white head, that didn’t stay the distance, and the aroma is a much more familiar Witbier thing, lemon/orange citrusy.

Estrella Damm IneditThis is not as full in the mouthfeel as I might have liked, and it is a lot lighter in colour than the description might have lead me to believe.

But it does have a lovely lingering taste that is quite joyful and enjoyable.

That white head  fades slowly to a thin layer and leaves nice lace  in the glass. The medium carbonation and light-medium bodied.

For me the stand out flavour in this is that light zesty flavour of orange.

Liquorice though? Not really.

I think this is quite the lovely drink, it isn’t sharp, it isn’t over carbonated, it has smoothness and a lovely soft mouthfeel, there is a the merest tick of a finish and there is that lovely mouthfeel.

Second pour is as lovely as the first, enormous head that settles and look so inviting. I think this is really nice of the style, but I don’t get the extra things that they say it has, perhaps because they’re too subtle, or they might just be brilliant and not noticeable, adding to the lovely smooth drinking that this is.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 8 of its things from the thing. Mostly for the theatre, the lovely bottle presentation, the great back-story, the lovely looking in the glass and the lacing, and the half wine glass idea. It is though pretty nice drinking, good of it’s style, but not outstanding,

The double dip review:

  • Am I enjoying it? Yes, it’s rather the thing.
  • Would I have another? Yes, I’m wondering how I could sneak one in the house.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights?  Yes, it looks great in the bottle, has a great story, look lovely in the glass, drinks well and is a bit of fun, even if it isn’t spectacular, but what theatre, half full of beer in a wine glass.

Music for this : ” Boards of Canada ”  “Tomorrow’s Harvest” on Spotify if you want to listen    – Boards of Canada (commonly abbreviated BoC) are a Scottish electronic music duo


Belgian style wheat beers are very pale, opaque, with the crisp character of wheat, plus the citric refreshment of orange peel and coriander. Ingredients sometimes also include oats for smoothness, and other spices such as grains of paradise. Serve with light cheeses or mussels.


2 comments on “Beer – #685 – Estrella Damm – Inedit

  1. simonbroderick
    October 10, 2015

    Did you eat with it?


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