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Beer – #713 – Deep Creek – Angel of the Presence

My local brewery Deep Creek made a BarleyWine,  and called it Angel of the Presence. They’ve labelled is a a 2015 vintage, which could be promising for next year. But this is the first beer for 2016, what a way to get on the board.

Let your tastebuds soar on the wings of a higher consciousness.

This is a 500 ml bottle that has beer of 9.8%  ABV, or around 300 calories a serve size, this then is 3.87 standard drink units in NZ (confusingly the bottle says 4.2)

Brewed by Deep Creek Brewing Co in the style that is Barley Wine and they do that in Auckland, New Zealand

Barley mow hair man has a Barleywine beer

Barley mow hair man has a Barleywine beer

Beautiful, Angelic, Strong.  

Allow your tastebuds to be guided along this flavour filled journey, savouring the heavenly aromas and the divine complex malt profile, guiding your palate from the dark fruit and the dried apricot undertones.

Let your tastebuds soar on the wings of a higher consciousness.

So, what could possibly go wrong?

That is a rich rush of dark fruit aroma on opening, and of course I thought chocolate, more chocolate than I’ve smelt in a while, which can’t be right, whatever it is something delicious, all sweet fruits and that.

Angel of the Presence BarleywinePour is lovely finishing with a decent thickness of a firm off white head on top of what I thought was a deep cherry coloured almost murky pour of beer, it’s quite deep red held to the light and that aroma is really banging!

Wow the taste is deeply rich and a furious and full and sweet. That’s quite something.  A total mouthfeel experience there, I wonder if the second sup will be the same.

It is, though given a couple of minutes you notice the alcohol astringent in it at the top, expected but not as welcome as you might like.

Nothing in in though that makes it hard drinking, I mean there isn’t any real sharp edge or smack that takes the whole of the attention and draws you one way or another, and for a beer that is slightly high ABV and given that alcohol tang there aren’t any frowns in drinking this, in fact it’s rather smooth and easy going.

A man could get emotional about it if pushed.

It really holds together as it warms, which some beers just don’t do as they develop in the glass, this has been consistent from the opening to, now, at least half way through. I’m now trying to slow and savour each quaff, when I should be sipping and savouring.

Possibly the sweetness that draws me, perhaps the fantastic aroma, or the fullness of mouthfeel, and in reality no hint that this is a stronger beer, that makes it just a pleasure to drink and enjoy.  Possibly more a beer for a quite time rather than a group situation this demands and respects your attention. I think that the year starts well.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 10 of its things from the thing. Truth is that this is a really nice Barleywine beer. Full of fruits, sweetness and depth. The last Barleywine I had, the Garage Project Hellbender  rocked my boat too.  I think I might be on to something. Sadly though the Barleywine beer is not of the moment and you stumble over them occasionally. In this case it was a good job I got talking to the barman at the pub.

The double dip review

  • Am I enjoying it? I am this is  complete cracker of a thing.
  • Would I have another? I would, but I don’t know they made an awful lot and getting one might be a challenge.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? Mad if you don’t this is a right proper drop of a really good beer.

Music for this : ” Cage the Elephant ”  ” Tell me I’m Pretty ” on Spotify Cage the Elephant is an American rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky, that formed in 2006. Track called “Mess Around”


A Barley Wine is a strong, top-fermenting ale, with an alcohol contents of at least 9% and up to 13% (or more) by volume. Hops may be hardly noticeable at all or very noticeable. Sip them out of the special glass, that will concentrate the aroma. They are excellent with cigars or with dessert.


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