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Beer – #719 – Darguner – Pilsner

MrsPdubyah loves to buy me a beer at the supermarket, more on price than substance. This one a German Pilsner, which usually are made to strict purity standards.

a unique experience

This is in a 500ml can, it is a 5% ABV beer  with 150 calories a serve, this is much the same as all Euro lager types.  This can is 1.97 standard drinks in NZ.

Brewed by Darguner Brauerei (Harboe)  in the style that is of a  Pilsener and they are in, to my surprise, Dargun, Germany.

A German pilsner style beer of premium quality.

It's hot I thought a cold one would work out for me

It’s hot I thought a cold one would work out for me

Darguner Pilsener 5% convinces through its very pleasant, mild aroma with a touch of well-selected hops aroma. Crystal clear water, finest selection of barley malt varieties and hops are the basic factors for our master brewers to brew a beer to this perfection.

Darguner Pilsener is slow fermented at low temperatures and extra-long matured – a unique experience that leaves you wanting more!

So, what could possibly go wrong?

Mildly hoppy aroma and a clear pale straw yellow pour with a small head of foam. Certainly looks ok in the glass.

Slightly hop bitey on first sip, quite refreshing and not overly sweet. Quite a nice finish and lingering taste in the mouth.

Darguner - PilsnerIt is refreshing. But it is also somewhat tasteless. Bulk over substance. But it is quite warm and sunny and this really does quench a thirst.

I drank the first can, had a conversation with MrsPdubyah, prepared the dinner, read some news stories,  and opened another can, drank half of it before I remembered that I hadn’t finished here.

Summary of that then is that this is just quaffing beer of no substance and nothing to write home about.  On a day when I just needed a beer and a cold beer, this nearly ticked all the boxes.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 6 of its things from the thing. An unusual 6 for an above average, only because I don’t have anything really bad to say. If you like cold, almost band, quaffing bulk-over-substance beer and at a good price than this might work for you. It comes with no frills or promises and delivers.

The double dip review

  • Am I enjoying it? I must have, I had two.
  • Would I have another? At this price, mad not to!
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights?  If it’s after a hard day of labouring or doing something that gets a thirst on then this might work, although it is that band that you might need to bring the chips and dips or peanuts to avoid awkward questions.

Music for this : a Scottish band called ” Dropkick ” with ” Acoustic ” which I got Free on band camp , but I think that might have changed since. They’re a Harmony-driven alt-country power pop band from Scotland. They have music on Spotify here  This is lovely well thought out music that makes a nice afternoon.


While the definition of “pilsner” is open to much debate in the beer community, it generally refers to pale, hoppy lagers, ranging from 28IBUs and up.


3 comments on “Beer – #719 – Darguner – Pilsner

  1. kingmidget
    January 20, 2016

    There are definitely days when “a cold beer” will do, aren’t there? Pilsners are the perfect choice for those days.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Philip Walter
      January 20, 2016

      this one was the short stories of beer, for US$1.25, give or take, for a can from half-way round the world, it had all the promise of a thing not delivered, like one of those ‘wonder’ things where in the end you ‘wonder’ where the heck the thing went to. However it was a glorious warm day, the days you’d imagine that you;d sit around telling fibs and waiting for the magic food fairy to produce the tasty foods, in your case perhaps the pizza, for me perhaps the pizza, and for some music of substance and yet not distraction to play. If only the beer could have taken me there.


      • kingmidget
        January 21, 2016

        Yes. It’s interesting. Every once in awhile I’ll experiment with a European Pilsner I’ve never had before and it frequently disappoints. But you describe perfectly when those “easy to go down” beers can be almost right.


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