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Beer – #954 – Mythica – Succubus Golden IPA

Mythica Succubus Golden IPA. The beer Jerk beer of the week. This is the other of the beer that I didn’t get when I brought the Incubus  which the club  has this week,  (There are reasons I didn’t have a chance to drink the Succubus,  and the Incubus sits in the fridge for another occasion). The label art is a talking point, and has been divisive.

This is a 500ml bottle of a beer, nicely full bottle wrapped too, 7% ABV, so about 2.3 standard drink units

Brewed by Mythica Brewing Limited, this on is in the Style that is of an: Imperial IPA and this happened in Auckland, New Zealand.

from the 80’s art work files

A Demon or evil spirit originating from Medieval legend that descends on sleeping persons, usually taking the form of a female to seduce males. Succubus Humulus is a species that uses an enchanted hop whip to subdue its favorite prey – IPA drinkers.

Bright gold ale light in bittering and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin to provide tropical notes. Slight sweetness from light crystal malts. Deceptively easy drinking beer for 7%.

So, What could possibly go wrong?

Well the label art went down well with MrsPhil, but it looks great full wrapped on the bottle and I’m more interested on the inside. Truth is though I did avoid it for the art work first time.

Rich and aromatic malty burst on opening. MrsPhil walked into the room and said ‘that’s rather beery’ so once again I’m right 🙂

Pour is lovely yellow orange with a nice head that sits up and stays, firm white, and the aroma is intense , really noticeable when pouring.

Quite full, sweet but I don’t think it’s gone far enough initially but then this kicks back a little and rewards you with a really soft and sticky sweet finish that raises an eyebrow and brings a smile.

Not terribly bitter this is quit pleasant on the tongue, easy drinking if you will.

The malt is the outstanding thing in this, it’s just shading the floral notes that this is urging to deliver but not quite getting there.

Really liking the lingering bitterness that this has too, that edgy raw grass bitterness that just sneak in there. So much so that when I stopped drinking and had a look at the glass is was mostly just a mouthful left in a glass that was draped in a lovely lacing, and  then with me licking my lips and reaching out again.

I think they’ve made a nice beer then got offside with people that are a bit scared to be seen with half naked women art work on beer bottles, because you know mumble mumble correctness, like having a beer and being around a lady never went wrong, with or without the artwork assisting.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 8 of its things from the thing. I liked it, it’s malty fullness and sweetness prepare you for a bitter kick at the finish that is just about at the right note to make this all a rather nice easy drinking bit of beer.

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? BeerJerk NZ the beer club.
  • Am I enjoying it? I am
  • Would I have another?  I probably would indeed.
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? I would, because it has artwork on the glass and because it is a rather interesting and rewarding beer to drink.

Music for this:  ” Ultravox ” and the Album ” Vienna” on spotify   but I’m playing on original Vinyl, because it’s a Sunday.

Ultravox (formerly known as Ultravox!) are a British new wave band, formed in London in 1974


Imperial IPA, Double IPA or DIPA is a strong, often sweet, intensely hoppy version of the traditional India Pale Ale. Bitterness units range upward of 100 IBUs and alcohol begins at 7.5% but is more commonly in the 8.5-10% range. The flavour profile is intense all-round. Unlike barley wines, the balance is heavily towards the hops, with crystal and other malts providing support.


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