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Beer – Friday Night Not The Lights

It’s not often I lead out with the music, but tonight it is that good Kaleo, Icelandic, Blues. I also have some beers that I’m keen on.

Beer from the Urbanaut, some from the Garage Project and some from Hallertau from the tap station.

Heavy Weight

So, What could possibly go wrong?

Urbanaut El Segundo West Coast IPA

An assertive hop forward IPA with an initial sensory explosion of USA West Coast hops bursting with guava, mango and tropical fruit. This is quickly followed by a rich boozy body and a lingering bitterness.  There are 7.6% ABV and 226 calories in this can of 2 drink units.

This one is from the BeerJerkNZ beer club, and it’s exclusive to the club in cans since it’ a keg only beer. Membership….  Visited the Tap Room last night, it’s unusually just a brewery and not a bar associated venture. Seems to be working out for them so far.

That’s solid! Fresh bright aroma, brilliant looking in the glass, orange golden glowing. Bitterness abounds to a dry finish and a decent lingering taste.

That’s A big pdubyah-o-meter 8 of the things! A nice bit of beer to start off with.

Garage Project Boss Level

Ultra IPA – five different US hop varities, 100 IBU’s and a massive malt grist to match. A can load of weaponised hop firepower.   There are 8.5% ABV, about 255 calories a serve, and 3 drinking units in NZ  in this 440ml can

The hardest of the levels

100 IBU. Pretty sure that’s not legal :-), also it’s about when things get a bit fuzzy on the palate.  From the Local Liquorland, the one case per store limit meant a lot of FOMO with this one.

Damp grass hoppy aroma on opening, you know the one. Fruityness hides that 100 IBU as if it’s not there, this is really juicy and not at all as bitter as you might have thought you were getting.

Gorgeous looking if a little hazy. It’s hard to balance a beer and this one veers towards the juicy sweetness over the bitter dryness, and I thought at the boss level it was all bitterness and a little regret 🙂

Went down almost without touching the sides… almost.

That’s A big pdubyah-o-meter this one is also an 8

Hallertau I Like Your Speakers – Grapefruit


A very large aromatic citrus and hop aroma, very lean on the malt with layers of hoppy tanginess. A gentle clean bitterness accentuated by the grapefruit addition with just a hint of warming booze at the end.

Here is a beer where I didn’t get the original, and that’s frustrated me, and they made A Grapefruit one, I didn’t mention this to the doctor, and though what could go wrong with a one litre.

I don’t think that I get this beer. The aroma isn’t that big, There do not appear to be a lot of layers and the grapefruit I get none. It’s unnecessarily dry where it shouldn’t be, and the fruitless seems to be bruised or superfluous.

A sadness of a beer.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 7 of its things from the thing.  This really was a sadness of beer that I though was going to be banging and cracking and other things, for me a bit of a run of the mill middle of the road beer.

Two out of three ain’t bad….

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? Hither and Yon , mostly the Liquorland and the BeerJerk Club
  • Am I enjoying it? I’m always enjoying it
  • Would I have another? Yussah
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? I think it’s an under-rated pastime the sharing of beer and exploring the flavours and experiences, I’d recommend these to anyone. Also that Music is spot on.

Music for this:  A/B by Kaleo on the Spotify  

Kaleo is an Icelandic blues/rock band that formed at Mosfellsbær in 2012.

It is simply outstanding !


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