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4:19 am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

So there I am  not going to sleep.

Once again it’s space travel.

I know that there has been speculation on these but at this time of the day there’s no chance I’m getting my tablet out and having a google.

  • How much earth or near planet resource is needed to build an inter-stellar spacecraft?
  • Where do they put all the food?
  • Who does the laundry?
  • What is the power source for the drive?
  • How have they figured out universal gravity inside the spaceship?
  • Why are even the remote parts of the spaceship well lit, unless it’s a scary movie, and then why are the pipes dripping?
  • Why does Hollywood et al show spacecraft with so many windows to look out of? What’s to look at on the journey?
  • Aside from some kind of weird paired Quantum computer how is communication with Earth possible?
  • Does anything break down, and how many spare parts do you need to take ?

It’s a lot to get through




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