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The more you think about it the more down a rabbit hole you go. I’ve moved on from how is there gravity in spaceships and celestial navigation to more mundane things.

  1. Do I have my own personal gravitational field, does everyone have their own gravitation field?
  2. Should we be able to get there, what would gravity be like at the centre of the earth?
  3. If we could make a tunnel big enough how long would it take to ‘fall’ through the earth from one side to the other?

And the answers it seems are

  1. Yes. If you have mass you have gravity.  I had a google and if I understand this correctly a human whose weight is 100 Kg can attract and object  of 1 Kg which is placed at 1 m with the 6.67nN (!) or it’s about the equal of 0.000000561 that of the Planet Earth exerts.
    1. a. This might explain why people think the world revolves around them, also
      1. b. This might be we gravitate to some people.
  2.  At the centre of the Earth you would be weightless. There would be no up or down, left or right, perfect weightlessness.  However, the Earth has a diameter of around 12,742 km, depends where you measure it.So the centre would be around 6,371km  deep.So how far have we drilled into the Earth?  The Kola Superdeep Borehole, just 9 inches wide (around 23 cm),  managed to get to 12,376 metres. That’s 12km (7.5 miles) – a disappointing 6,359km short of the centre, about 0.1 percent of the way through the Earth.
  3. If then you could make a big enough tunnel straight through the Earth, one side to the other, and you jumped in it would take between 38 and 42 minutes (experts disagree) for you to fall to the middle then accelerate to the opposite side. Unless you somehow built a catch net you’re fire off into the atmosphere, eventually reach your apogee and fall back down to earth, depending on the prevailing wind and weather conceivably you’d go straight down that hole again and so it begins.The opposite side of the world to Auckland is Setenil de las Bodegas, Andalusia, Spain.

    The opposite of England is literally in the sea

    You can check out the maps here The pins are the closest land-fall point, there are some opposites that pop out in the middle of the sea.
    The opposite side of the world to London is Portobello, Otago, New Zealand. – actually it isn’t it’s 922km out to sea.
    The opposite side of the world to Los Angeles is Saint-Philippe, Reunion, Reunion.
    The opposite side of the world to San Francisco is that well known tourist destination of  Port-aux-Français, Kerguelen, French Southern Territories.
    The opposite side of the world to Jacksonville is Kalbarri, Western Australia, Australia give or take.

So, I have the mass that might attract a 1Kg weight, I’d weigh nothing in the middle of the earth, and 40 minutes for a through the earth transit, however some of the opposite sides end in the middle of the sea.

And with that I went to sleep.



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