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I have written a lot of words, I’ve also cut and paste a fair few if I’m honest, and although I enjoy that and it brings me comfort to have a structure and format it is quite time consuming to prepare and do some of that stuff.

This of course started as “I’ve been Drinking” which I thought was original, it’s not. So I’m making a mid-race change to “Herevana” Like a Beervana but at home.

It’s not like I’m time poor.

The world, and the word has moved on though, and I’m thinking that I need to move to a short form micro-micro blog post format.

I was thinking that each post will start with “I’ve been drinking” and be a more concise post, or a bit like an instagram post if I’m going to continue being honest.

Which is a turn-about, as I usually post here and put an excerpt on IG at the same time, I don’t think there’s a lot of cross-over though, which is either because the posts are a vanity project or I’m a bit rubbish at using keywords and hashtags.

I’ve still got some beers that I’m going to long-form about, but also a few that I’m not. So “Beervana”, a new project, which I may or may not enjoy.

As I wrote this I considered an “I’ve been eating” version, but that’d be cheap cheese, salami and store pickles, which I think a little too niche and local.



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