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Herevana – The Island – Pony Club Pilsner

I was given a gift of a beer, it doesn’t happen often and I’m always so pleased about it. A new to me brewer too, beer that according to the various apps you can find in good supermarkets around the place.

Pony Club

The Island Pony Club Pilsner which Is from 🇳🇿 Papamoa, New Zealand, and it’s a Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner   with an ABV of 5.0%, which as you know is 1.3 standard drinks.

I really liked this, it has a lovely taste with a decent amount of grassy notes. But it lacks that pilsner snap/bite for me and if it had that it’d be lifted to something really nice.

I can’t go past the pdubyah-o-meter which shot up to 7 from 10 of it’s arbitrary thing.

I’m not looking a gift pony in the mouth, and this is a general observation, but when you make a Pilsner/Lager that is the same ABV as a green bottle one that you really have to set yourself aside or differentiate. In this instance this, for me, is different enough and a really fine effort.

I was listening to some Muse on the Spotify player at the time of writing. Nothing wrong with a bit of Muse.


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