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Herevana – Krombacher – Hel

MrsPhil torments me with beer from the comedy aisle at the supermarket.

German beer on sale for ridiculous cheap money.


Made by Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg Kreuztal  Krombacher Hell is brewed in  🇩🇪 Kreuztal-Krombach, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and is styled as  a Helles / Dortmunder Export  It’s a special order for the Supermarket reading the can, they know a bargain when they see one.

The online reviews for this are poor, The thing is that whilst this doesn’t even pretend to be craft, leading edge, or experimental it’s not bad for what it is.
I can’t go past the pdubyah-o-meter which shot up to 7 from 10 of it’s arbitrary thing. Wait up though that Pony Club beer was a 7 too and you thought that was ok. True enough, but it was still a decent 7 which is pretty much “the peloton” of beers, and so that means it is tolerable and in some instances preferable to other beers.

Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds are a much better listen than this is a beer though.


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