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Herevana – Alibi – Photosphere

Alibi Photosphere, the #BeerJerkNZ beer of the week. They say it Is a “California Pilsner” I know the it is Thursday when the Beer Jerk club convenes and therefore it is Thirsty Thursday.


Alibi Photosphere is brewed in a lovely part of Auckland –  🇳🇿 Onetangi, New Zealand and as best I can make out it’s a  California Common / Steam Beer but they say California Pilsner.  I once met the brewer, Bernard, who struck me as a nice guy, and just because I’m so lazy an insular I’ve never visited the brewery, which shames me, I will make more effort in this brave new world and have a weekend away.  I doubt he remembers me. 
“Photosphere is made with 3 different German pilsner malts for just a touch of honey sweetness and Czech Saaz hops providing the more-ish bitterness. This crisp dry body was then elevated with the heavy addition of American Citra & Mosaic for the dry hop which give it big aroma and and dank citrus notes. Pilsners – hard to brew but easy to love.”
I found that for me that this has quote a big dull nose about it, and I can’t really tell you what hop that would be from, but, again only for me, this isn’t something that sits well, and has a terrible nose feel.
The drinking is similarly off centre with what I can only liken to a faux dankness. 
No one is going to thank me for saying either of those things, but you just can’t like every beer, and although I appreciate this as a beer, and I will drink it all.
I wore this, and on re-reading I’m a bit ashamed “it’s not a beer that I’d care to remember and I’d probably not be able to be effusive about if asked if someone should buy it”  in reality I don’t like that nose, I don’t enjoy that thudding hop note, but this is going to be really liked by quite a few people. Also, no one asked me what I think about beer 🙂 
The pdubyah-o-meter surged  to a 7 from 10 of it’s arbitrary thing. This is where most beer are, they’re their to be appealing without bing confrontational and off putting to the market.  
Spotify recommended a playlist of Noel Gallagher, again, and I’m really off with that. 

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