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Herevana – The Island – Puha Road

Puha Road is an IPA. This was a gift to me from a colleague, it was one of the best days at work for a while 🙂 not as exciting as the Kereru monthly delivery but you know, up there with the best

A sea of Toi Toi

The Island Puha Road IPA- is made in 🇳🇿 Papamoa, New Zealand as an IPA  At 6% abs this can is 1.6 standard drinks in NZ

It’s a nice pour of a beer, and has teasing biscuit and malty aroma that presages a lovely beer.

Then it isn’t, the taste is somewhat different to what happens in the glass, that aroma does not really turn into magic the glass and there’s a gap where something doesnt happen. You end up with a beer that’s a bit 6 of one thing and half-dozen of another.

It’s not malty enough, it’s got some low end bitterness about it but nothing that stands up well and is, for me, a bit muddled and confused about what it wants to be.

 The pdubyah-o-meter surged  to a 7 from 10 I’d be at pains to point out that 7 isn’t the dramatic fail that you think it could be. 7 is where I think most beers are, they’re vehicles for revenue not showing off.

If I told you that I’d stopped listening to the High Flying Birds I’d be a liar. some of what they have is top shelf. not all of it because that’d be daft.


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