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Herevana – 8 Wired – Once Were Vikings

8 Wired Once Were Vikings – beer made with the Kviek yeast from Norweiganland. I have no idea, which means that either I’ve missed it or am so little interested that I don’t care. I think that I’m interested in what I’m interested in, like a Magpie and will gravitate to a shiny thing.

Viking Beer !

 8 Wired Once Were Vikings— brewed north of Auckland in 🇳🇿 Warkworth, New Zealand as an IPA – Hazy / New England (NEIPA)  although they have veered to “IPA – FARMHOUSE” for this, I guess that yeast is a wild thing, any way this weighs in at  7.0% or 2.4 drink units worth of a beer

Online this appears to be strongly and consistently rated as being quite a good beer. It might be a newness and latest big thing thing, I really am not that much of a fan of styles and trends that I’d notice. Like the spelling mistakes, they are there because I’ve had a beer ok, and this is my fingers going a bit squiffy.

The ‘Farmhouse’ thing appeals to me already and I’ve not even opened the can. What am I like?.

The Aroma I thought reminded me in some ay of “fish” I don’t know that’s a good thing, it’s an interesting in that weird way thing, but for me fish, and I had a couple of good snorts at it.

The taste is unbelievable. You know Brut IPA that have that bright Champagne Pop, this is the opposite and has that almost earthy well grounded dullness that would be at the opposite. And for that reason this is unbelievably good. What am I talking about? You like a craft beer right and you try a few, well that means you are a taste chaser, and this, a bit like the lovely Kereru – Sea of Pink is an so far off the well worn track that you should be brought up short and marvel at the audacity and outrageous brilliance of this.

Although this is a Hazy IPA, it’s not one that’s set out to be juicy, it’s one that set out to be that farmhouse staple of a beer, if I thought I could make a bit of homebrew like this I’d be making home-brew. It is very engaging, very enjoyable and very very good at the beer that it’s set out ot be,

This is that good that I would like to have another and if there are more I will be getting me one. Which, again, if you know me, is rather unusual, being a taste chaser rather than a settler.

 The pdubyah-o-meter surged  to a 9 from 10 of the things, this has such a big fanbase already, well a consistent small amount of people rating it, but being consistently high with the ratings. Well they are right, this is that much of a shock to the tastes that you should not be cowered, it’s really nice beer, well crafted, which you expect from the brewer, and really polished and clever. I need to stop as I’m being over enthusiastic. It’s hard but this is good.

I’m going to finish with.. that aroma that presages the mouthfeel, then the taste from the sup, that there is the money.

You could treat your ears and listen to A/B by KALEO on the Spotify, which is the most Viking of music that I can think of, apart from Ah-ha, not the Alan Partridge version either. They are, of course, from Iceland.


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