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Herevana – Deep Creek – Misty Miagi

Deep Creek. Misty Miagi. If you want to talk beers that I’d travel to drink this would be one of them. I’ve really enjoyed this beer a few times too many at the brewery when it’s been available, and I still consider it a right treat when it’s available and I get overly excited when I notice that it’s popped back up on the taps.

Do or don’t do

Deep Creek Misty Miyagi is brewed local to me in 🇳🇿 Auckland, New Zealand and it’s a IPA – Hazy / New England (NEIPA)  kind of beer that. is 6.5% ABV’s

I don’t think I’ve even ever had this in a can before, fresh is best and all that jib-jab, also fresh is an excuse for me to go to the pub, right?

Another Hazy that sits at the duller end of the spectrum, but this has a really nice fruit sweet aroma and a lovely bright white head atop. If you know me I fixate on the head of beer a little too much. This is a deeper taste, which masks the fruitiness a little, I’m not sure I remember it quite this way from the on tap version.

There’s a lovely lingering fullness mouth bitterness that comes with this, it’s not really a lingering, more a mooching but it you hunt for it you can still find it a goodly time later. I really like this beer,

 The pdubyah-o-meter surged  to a 9 from 10 of the arbitrary number things. I don’t care what the ratings are from the overseas crowd where they can get it, I think that this, on tap, is a must-have beer, and I’ve held it up as a benchmark, up there with the 802’s and those beers we hold up as icons and beer I would give you if you didn’t know what the hazy IPA was about. Fight me.

Dark Night of The Soul by Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse is playing away on the music machine c/- Spotify


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