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Herevana – Epic – Hop ZombieR

Way back when Hop Zombie was released it was a, because I’m not good with words, a seminal beer a watershed, an horizon a beer so far thinking that it was a beacon and should there be, if there was one, a hall of fame beer

Fast forward and they dialled it up. And as it turns out down. 

Epic Hop ZombieR is made by Epic  in  🇳🇿 Auckland, New Zealand as a Triple IPA with a 10.0% ABV payload

This is a 10% beer. This does not have the profile of a 10% beer. This is beer that will get you Into trouble. 

It’s not a beer that is leading you anywhere though. We’ve been to IIIPA and back and we’ve moved on. It isn’t the flag bearer that Hop Zombie still is and always should be. Also ask me about those glow in the dark bottles 🙂

But this is also less, less loud in the mouth, less bitter, less all on no hold barred.It is softer, easier on the tongue nd in the mouth and that really is a very very good thing.

A beer that you need to be with. It’s so so so easy going that you’re quaffing like a man parched. One is party. Two might be a lost weekend. What a beer. What a time to be alive. 

It’s awesome. It really awesome


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