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Herevana – Alibi – Sun Fog

It’s Thursday and it’s the #BeerJerkNZ beer of the week time. 

Sun Fog The best Fog

Alibi Sun Fog Is brewed in 🇳🇿 Onetangi, which is on Waiheke Island, New Zealand as a Pale Ale – American (APA). It has an ABV of 5.5% which is about 1.9 standard drinks in NZ.

It’s a glorious looking hazy IPA with a lovely shade or orange an a stark white head. It also has an amazing aroma profile.

You get a really interesting and rewarding mouthful of a range of flavours that are both familiar, sweet and yet similarly not quite familiar, but that are quite lovely.

The pdubyah-o-meter makes this an easy 8 from 10. A lovely rewarding beer for a Thursday that looks lovely, tastes lovely and I even got quite a nice burp whilst concentrating on writing words that made seem kind of sense.

Pilots Of Purple Twilight – The Virgin Recordings 1980 – 1983 by Tangerine Dream is playing away in the background. I think I may have moved on a bit from really enjoying them. but then again… .



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