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Herevana – Craftworks – Terroir Blend 2018

I always think of the Craftwork beers as a bit of a celebration beer, a bit special, and honestly they are all mostly rally well polished and delicious, so I picked me up something ne on my last bottle store visit.

Craftwork / Ninebarnyardowls / Wilderness Terroir Blend (2018)— A beer from 🇳🇿 Oamaru, New Zealand that in the style of a Lambic – Unblended Jonge / Oude   with an ABV of 6.0%


A 500ml bottle of a beer that is about 2.4 standard drink units. The label usually looks better, I managed to make mine a mess in the carrier on the way home.

Craftworks Terroir Blend 2018. Lambic, and I’ve got high hopes, of course It is a picture book pour, and sits still and yet so inviting.

The taste is, I thought, quite soft and something to roll your tounge around, then there was a kick of sourness at the end, it was lovely and it made me smile and want to go again.

I’m listening to some Sigur Ros and I have to say I’m really enjoying it.


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