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Herevana – Bootleg – Dünkle Nicklaus

 It’s Saturday night, it’s also Pizza night, and it’s Beer and Vinyl night. it’s a big night 🙂 And because it’s a Christmas season I’m having a Dünkle Nicklaus from Bootleg Brewery.

Experimental beer. Hefeweizen yeast, on a creamy light stout base to create Christmas Cake experience, bananas, light chocolate, orange peel. Ho Ho Ho MF’ers

Bootleg Dünkle Nicklaus is a special Special Seasonal beer that’s made in the ‘Tron 🇳🇿 Hamilton, New Zealand, and it fits mostly as a a Weissbier – Dunkelweizen  with  6.6% ABV things. Oh and 20 IBU things, that’s the bitterness bit. 

Yippee Ki Yay?

Immediately I’m confused and delighted by the bottle top that’s a crown seal, but also a rung pull, what a time to be alive!.

Crikey that’s a confusing pour and aroma, it’s a stout its a stout ….. it’s not a stout, it’s a something else ! A beer that really challenges all you think you know about beer, it looks like A, smells like a B tastes like C, makes you smile in wonderment.

It isn’t he Christmas Cake beer that you might think you’re getting from the self-promotion, and honestly you’d be pressed to pick out anything that was unusually spicy or that would draw you towards this being based on a cake, or with traditional Christmas spices inclination, 

Also I might have totally read the description  wrong, in which case this is brilliant beer like they said 🙂 which I pretty much true, they said things like orange peel, banana, I even did the copy and paste about it above.

Yippee Ki Yay

A beer that looks like one thing, smells like another and tastes like something else.

And I’m good with that because this is clever and it’s also very nice and well thought out.

The  pdubyah-o-meter says at least but it’s a big 8 and if I did fractions it’s be 8 and something. I’d even give it more points for that weird crown cap and ring pull affair, usually seen on the bunderburg ginger beers or even the MAC’s beer in a a similar format. 


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