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Herevana – The next big thing.

I don’t write enough, at least I don’t write enough to be compelled to seek publication to a wider audience, although I’m always toying with making a push and committing some effort in pursuit. In my defence it is coming up to 10 years for this project.

There’s a knack to getting an audience, particularly for a niche platform, like blogging, you have to go to it. You could say the same about Instagram although the hashtag usage makes that simpler, and it’s fairly easy to copy and paste the various tags and build your own set to use. But then it depends on what I’m looking for. Blogging, for me, was a practice and commitment to be able to remember the beers I was drinking, mostly, and because of compulsion to keep going, I pushed hard to get to 1,000 and I really should press on, having been diverted somewhat by the aforementioned Instagram.

I branched out into a shorter posts that I wittily called “Herevana”, pretty much the same thing without a video clip, but still thoughts on a beer, without some of the cut and paste. There’s about 41 of those at last count, I might start to add a counter becuase I’m forgetful and sometimes numbers are useful.

Anyway, I had occasional brewery parcels for review, they were few and far between, always welcome, and mostly enjoyable, but I took the path of being honest about what I was drinking, which may or may not be the way to engage with brewers looking for exposure, and has led to low level conflict at times when I’ve thought something about a beer that happened to be disagreeable. It’s a bonus and Conor to be thought of and I appreciated every beer.

Beer and Me is, and will always be, about me drinking a beer, for me, and my enjoyment. I like to think I’ve mellowed and call to focus the things that are enjoyable about the beer I’m drinking, rather than the reasons that I, personally, may not like it. Craft beer is hard work, and most brewers I’m sure are honest enough about their work to be able to tolerate criticism as they take plaudits.

So I’ve not been as active writing because to do so properly means I either take contemporaneous notes, and then transcribe my ill conceived thoughts later, which perhaps might work, but the significant part of the posts are about the brewer and beer type that I diligently research and then cut and paste. Or, I just continue with the preparation and base work and then fill in the words. There’s a lot of pleasure in live blogging, I feel I get to put some immediacy into the words I’m choosing. I could of course be professional and pre-preapred a bunch of outlines and gain the best of both worlds.

You can tell I’m not as diligent as I could be.

But there’s a lot to look forward to, and it’s mostly around the next big thing. I’ve found myself with a fairly decent selection of Stouts of sone kind or another, pastry stouts, imperial stouts, nito stouts, barrel aged stouts, and all stops in between.

The Next Big Thing. What indeed is the next big thing? but each beer I buy seems to lead me on to the next thing that could be the biggest. I don’t know if it’s just me, but proper decent Hazy IPA beers seems to have tailed away, this of course means a new wave to the other kind, the clear, filtered IPA’s, lets just say NE v WC. There’s even been a bit of an effort to make the same beer in both styles, I’m sure this is much harder than it is for me to just say it as if it’s a thing.

After a few years though, nearly 10, of blogging about beers, and as much as I love chasing the next newest release, the one that stepping stones me to the next biggest newest release, and I can’t think why I’d stop, I think it’s time to take some time to appreciate the rarer and more thought out crafted beers, continue with the Herevana idea as that brings me a lot of joy, but to call out the other beers and see if I can move that dial from 1,097 to a bigger number.

The Pdubyah-o-meter will continue to rate on the arbitrary number scale. it shouldn’t be your final decision as provide you with a reason not to try the beer, you should feel free to measure it against local beers or similar beers to decide if it is your thing.

I remain open to offers of beers for review of course, I’d be open to requests if you thought it’d be the thing, you can always email me or leave a message, as much as I pretend not be care about my audience I am of course a complete attention seeking affirmation junkie and would love to hear from you.

I enjoy my subscription to the BeerJerk beers, every week a new beer, it’s amazing, my monthly subscription to beer from Kereru, and my new membership of Craftwork that I’m looking forward to getting in the next year, they’ll be a complete surprise.

The Next Big List :

  • 8 Wired Gorky Park – An Imperial Stout – aged for two years in American bourbon barrels
  • Hallertau 2021 Double Stout
  • North End – Merchant of the Devil- a traditional English style imperial stout
  • Cassels – Triple Cream Milk Stout
  • Garage Project – Snug – Nitro Irish Stout
  • Shining Peak – 2020 – Vintage Imperial Barrel Aged Stout
  • Lakeman – Black Jack Gold – a Stout with roasted barley and chocolate malts aged on rum oak
  • 8 Wired – Opium Cake – Poppy seeds, lactose, oranges, vanilla and raisins

Oh and I’ve yet to go to the beer shop this week, and honestly I thought I had a Duncan’s pastry stout in the fridge, and I know I’ve not drunk it, that beer that I’ve never brought and now miss.  

Herevana beers are those I drink at home, I’m not at some beer festival, like, for instance, Beervana, but am just in my kitchen, usually, dining room table, sometimes, or outside, occasionally, where I can take an average picture and write in real time about the beer that I’ve invested in, both in a monetary and emotional way.

Philip himself.



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