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Herevana – Small Gods – Satan Satan Satan

Small Gods, Satan Satan. Worth the presentation alone, jet black can with a magnificent artwork and then dripped with red wax, it’s very arty.

Small Gods Brewing are a small group of knowledgeable and passionate people in and around beer. They’ve collaborated on a number of unusual styles and takes on beers, including a Mumme, a really eclectic and long forgotten style. That niche that it’s possibly the only one available in the world.

The old goat stirs

Small Gods Satan Satan Satan- is brewed in 🇳🇿 Auckland, New Zealand in the style that is a Bock – Doppelbock at  7.2% ABV things, making it 2.4 standard drink units, and that about 216 calories a standard serve/can size.

What do you expect from a beer that tells you that its base is the Sulpher and Saltpetre elements? Is this an art project? Is it style over substance?

The old goat stirs

Small Gods Satan Satan Satan, part of my BeerJerk BeerJerk – just like a book club but with beers membership box, indeed they’re pretty much the same people, Small Gods and Beer Jerks, it’s compatible.

So What could possibly go wrong?

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this beer, it had FOMO all over it so I got one on release day, that’s the kind of guy I am.

I got my big glass out, so that I can pour it with a lot of the head to see if it gathers that aroma about it.

Initially the aroma is mostly a malt based beer. Pour is dark, not jet black and what head there was settled into just a small foam that doesn’t look like it’s stayer.

The taste is intriguing and different, it kind of bristles with an indolent bitterness that is annoying on the tongue. There’s an sense that the sweetness in this isn’t just enough to keep it all in check. It’s not all bitterness though, I distinctly get something a little sharp in this

Since I don’t have a sense of what Sulphur, Saltpetre or Carbon taste like I’m going to have to go with that they’re the culprits in this. It is, like I said intriguing and interesting.

The Pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 8 on the arbitrary number scale. As interesting and intriguing as this it’s not really memorable outside of the presentation of the can, it’s not a beer that I’m going to enthuse about at work, but I’m not going to say it’s bad, it isn’t, it’s quite good and I’m enjoying it, and I know that’s true as I’ve pretty much finished it without a second thought.

The old goat stirs. Born of fire he beckons forth fury with rains of brimstone and salt. In the smoke and ruin of Gehenna he rises, revelling in the frailty of our insipid mortality. His maw stretches to the sky, seeking blood. Repent. The end times come and his thirst will not be slaked.

Evoking the eternal aspect of the lord of hell. This is a classic German style dark lager, sacrilegiously perverted with the three classic ingredients of Black Powder – Sulphur, Saltpetre and Carbon. With a clean, vibrant malt profile supported by assertive smoke, subtle spice, a savoury note and a moreish dry finish it’s a unique beer. Designed to ease humanity’s passing into the end times


Herevana beers are those I drink at home, I’m not at some beer festival, like, for instance, Beervana, but am just in my kitchen, usually, dining room table, sometimes, or outside, occasionally, where I can take an average picture and write in real time about the beer that I’ve invested in, both in a monetary and emotional way.

Philip himself.



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