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The Less of me, still it goes on

  This was the old me :  41:04 for 5Kms, back in March, and being lazy it was the first furthest back map I could find for the same 5Kms … Continue reading

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Sporting your life vicariously – the last Tournament

Next week my daughter will be playing for her College team at the 2012 Federation Cup Secondary School Tournament in Carterton. It will be for her, and many others, the … Continue reading

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I support the All Blacks….

Well no, I appreciate them, but being English I’ll support England first. Sure I know the names of the All blacks, and can even pick some of them out from … Continue reading

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Playing with yourself.

I’ve done the mexican wave, I’m the one man Mexican wave world record holder after all

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Sport, Opinion or Hobby?

We make a big deal about sporting prowess, and nations place great store in sporting achievement. There are many global tournaments, including and not limited to the football world cup, … Continue reading

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So this time we’re hiding in plain sight, in the sun, with the other parents, but this time she’s a player not an umpire.

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Sporting your life vicariously

  As you may know I’m big on supporting my children in their endeavours, particularly sporting ones. Ms16 plays a mean game of field hockey, and it’s between seasons now … Continue reading

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