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Sports Entertainment
Lets stick to Rugby or Football, if you want to be a pedant that would be Rugby Union Football and Association Football, not the same thing.

The match from woah to go is about 2 hours. That includes getting to your seat, the both halves and a half time break.

Whats with the need that for every stop in play, and sometimes during play, after a score or before a kick that we get a burst of music. Really, what’s with that?

Do the organisers think that i’m incapable of watching and enjoying a spectacle for that long, that I’m about to nod off having parted with some hard earned cash for a ticket?

This is akin to and worse than loud music in pubs that the bar staff feel adds atmosphere, after all if you have to shout at each other then you must be having a good time, right?

It’s not needed, not required, not asked for and is intrusive and annoying.

Half-Time Entertainment
Whats with the need to have a bunch of cheer leaders ‘dancing’ to a mix tape? Do you think I can’t sit for 10 minutes (or stand) and not get bored or wander off? Not have a conversation with my neighbour?

Honestly I think I can go 90 minutes without a beer, I can probably go 2 hours without beer. I can go 2 hours without the need for food too! Strange as that sounds. Not that I don’t enjoy a beer, I do, often, frequently. It’s not the drinking it’s how we’re doing it, right?

At least they’re trying to stop the mexican wave, wherein half full cups of stale beer, and worse urine, are thrown into the air for fun. I’ve done the mexican wave, I’m the one man Mexican wave world record holder after all. Yet I’ve never felt the need to throw something in the air. Wonder why, it might be sober me., which can’t be true as I have had beer at sorts events.

The Mexican wave, now that’s when the crowd are bored. The game is dull, boring or so one sides as to not even be a competition. I know play music that’ll stop them getting bored.

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