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Word War II wasn’t about Jews and 9/11 wasn’t about Firemen

In my opinion, the actions of School kids when confronted with Nazi Symbolism and images at a museum exhibition was totally predictable.

The reaction of the Jewish council – again predictable.

However the War wasn’t about Jews. and Jews seem to have or want to hijack history and hammer relentlessly the holocaust, the holocaust. Sidestepping the gypsies, infirm, gays and anyone else caught up by circumstance in the aspect of the war that was concentration camps.

Don’t worry about the carpet bombing of civilians, that’s what? Unfortunate? Allowed? Don’t worry about any other war crimes – hey they all pale into insignificance right, so we can ignore them?

But can’t overlook the Jews. No Sir! Lest we forget it’s all about them and only them.

Now I open myself up to all sorts of abuse and accusations with this opinion. And you have then not understood a word of it. The War happened. Lots of people died. Germans, English, Russians – a lot of Russians, Americans, French, Japanese and more than a lot more other nationalities also lost citizens, either conscripted soldiers or unfortunate bystanders.

For Jews to rail at ignorance of youth implies they only want the high ground. They don’t do anything at or with schools to education or provide education – that of course would be indoctrination, but I bet dollars to cents that they don’t have an active education lobby going on that would require teaching of the whole history of WWII. They only want the high ground.

Much like 9/11. Which has all become about Firemen. Brave as they were the willful destruction by terrorism wasn’t about Firemen. But hey guess what every remembrance – I was tempted to say celebration – involves almost exclusively Firemen. Disproportionately represented yes – about them no.

Are these good things? Do we need “Leaders” in remembrance. Yes of course.

Do we need leaders in only one aspect – or leaders that re-write or concentrate only on one aspect of an event – no.

Are the kids insensitive – yes they are. But ignorance of youth is no excuse to high ground and make a stand. If it’s offensive it’s offensive – or do you allow a museum display as in context ? In context to who? and what?

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