A life just as ordinary

Just like you, but different

Having one of each, children that is.

Seriously I have one of each. Children that is.

In many ways!

Eldest is a boy, youngest therefore a girl – not rocket surgery there then

Boy is a rather solid and imposing figure, Daughter is thin.

Boy is drifting along not able to focus on study and is leaving school this year – but only because he can’t go back – and had no idea what to do next, work, Uni, or go overseas.

Girl is very diligent and getting near top marks for most anything she does

Boy is world champion of surfing the Internet, if that could be a prize he’d be a contender. Idea of exercise is to open an energy drink.

Girl, what can I tell you, Plays hockey, Players player of they year, School Player of the year, Accredited NZ Jnr Umpire, Best umpire at National Tournament award. it goes on

Boy drives a car, worked for cash, saved up, passed his test (!!!! how did that happen) and drives reasonably well

Daughter has a newly acquired drivers licence but isn’t keen “I wouldn’t know which buttons to put my feet on” !

So genuinely I have a mixed bag of children, each at some point in some things the total opposite of the other. I’m sure they’ll work out, people usually do.

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