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Conspiracy Theory #1 in a series

I make no secret of the fact that I’m really not sure that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon as advertised.

JFK was shot by a lone gunman, there is no bigfoot, we are not ruled by Aliens, 9/11 wasn’t an inside job. Rosewell wasn’t aliens, Area 51 does not house spacecraft or aliens, vaccinations are good. Princess Diana had a car crash.

I don’t believe it’s man-mad climate change, and I’m against fluoridation of water. And as for the nonsense that was folic acid in bread!

For a conspiracy to be attractive you have to be at the point where you believe in a counter position, or to be sufficiently disbelieving of the stated facts, that your own belief  carries more weigh and your conviction.

Like going to the moon. I’m not convinced that the Saturn V rocket worked first time, and every time afterwards. I’m just not. There are a billion websites and a billion counter websites that go over the arguments for and against, from the dodgy photographs to the physics, I’m just not going to repeat them here. Of course it could be that you just believe that we did, and that the records are correct without question. in no time in history has there ever been falsehood in any account.

The thing is that you don’t have to have that many people “in” on the conspiracy, it wouldn’t be difficult to stage. It appeals because it’s an elegant alternative to someone who has incredulity about the ‘actual’ event.

Sure many conspiracies unravel over time, but many endure. Is it the grand scale of the moon landings that means I’m wrong, I didn’t say I had proofs either way. Besides which I don’t know if asked “What would lead you to believe that it was true” that I could give any answer except fly me up there to show me the footprints.

Enduring conspiracies include, of course, religion, and the whole myth and dogma surrounding jesus. But that’s not a conspiracy in the sense that a government is trying to fool all of the people all of the time.

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