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This is post number 666 I might be Post 668 or 669 because along the way I may have deleted a couple of older posts, but in the spirit of … Continue reading

January 9, 2014 · 1 Comment

The Fleece Machine – Spiritual medium to meet with Pike River families

This made me a bit angry today  – ” Spiritual medium to meet with Pike River families ” via Spiritual medium to meet with Pike River families – National – … Continue reading

August 16, 2012 · Leave a comment

Faith, Same sex marriage, and Children.

New Zealand is on track to remove barriers to same sex marriages. We have Civil Union legislation, but this is a sort of half-way house thing. Removing an arbitrary sex … Continue reading

July 28, 2012 · 3 Comments

The one with the Personal Values Inventory

I’m participating in a Leadership Development Program at work, this is for all managers not at the Executive Level” and is in a number of sessions. This current week we did “Engagement, … Continue reading

July 19, 2012 · Leave a comment

The one where schools drop Bible class as interest falls

This is a story that isn’t quite like what it seems like Schools drop Bible as interest falls – National – NZ Herald News. In the article it says “Browns … Continue reading

July 10, 2012 · 1 Comment

The facination of the media for Redemption

re·demp·tion: An act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed. Deliverance; rescue. Theology. deliverance from sin; salvation. Atonement for guilt. Repurchase, as of something sold One of the online … Continue reading

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As I get older I get different – #3

The one thing that I learned from Twitter is that you have to talk about Religion, Politics, Finance and the weather. And so Religion.  I don’t think it’s a secret … Continue reading

May 26, 2012 · 2 Comments

As I get older I get different – #2

Space, the final frontier. What a wonderful concept, infinity. UFO’s. How romantic are they when you’re 14, 15, 16…. the idea that flashing lights in the sky are visitors, from … Continue reading

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My own personal Jesus

Religion is intensely and totally a personal thing, your own personal Jesus is yours and yours alone. I don’t think that there would be two people who would share, in total, the whole concept and nuance of their faith. It is very subjective.

Defending your faith aloud tends to draw attention to yourself and in doing so you call into question the depth of your faith, and your critical thinking.

December 21, 2011 · 6 Comments

What Atheists Have to Believe.

After all “God did it” is not a reasonable excuse for anything that happens to you, anyone you know or any event in the world that you are too ignorant to think through an explain. Is it?

September 26, 2011 · Leave a comment

I have a friend who’s very religious

A JW, who is convinced that he’s one of the 144,000 or whatever number it is. Don’t ask me how he can be, that door closed long ago. But you know … Continue reading

September 17, 2011 · 4 Comments

Bible-bangers aren’t the brightest, study shows

.. less intelligent people of all faiths tended to be more fundamental in their thinking, “whether they claim to be Christians or atheists or Muslims or whatever”.

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Driving Entertainment

Sometimes my journey to work or home from work can take an hour or more. And filling that time can be a chore. It took me a while to cotton … Continue reading

August 25, 2011 · Leave a comment

Conspiracy Theory #1 in a series

“What would lead you to believe that it was true”

August 7, 2011 · Leave a comment

On death, dying and the ever after.

I get the need to believe that there is more, I get that some people think they can talk in cryptic to the dead, I do. However you’re all having a laugh, and you need to exercise you’re imagination a little to ponder why it should be that after your four score and ten on the earth you get a couple billion years in some other place?

July 24, 2011 · Leave a comment

Not beliving in…

Many things. I’m an atheist. I think I’ve always been one. It’s always been obvious to me that god isn’t watching from the sky. And he doesn’t talk to people. … Continue reading

July 19, 2011 · Leave a comment

Things to belive in – Part one the First

I’ve been listening to a number of skeptical podcasts, that is podcasts that have a skeptical look at things. I’d recommend the Righteous Indignation podcasts, they’ve been interviewing ‘believers’ in … Continue reading

November 29, 2010 · Leave a comment

Athiesm and Man made climate change

I don’t believe there is a god. That’s pretty much it. I don’t have to believe there is one, and I find it hard to reconcile while people have this … Continue reading

August 28, 2010 · Leave a comment

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