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I have a friend who’s very religious

A JW, who is convinced that he’s one of the 144,000 or whatever number it is. Don’t ask me how he can be, that door closed long ago. But you know that with any cult based religion you change the rules as it suits.

Anyway someone who didn’t know his fervor tried to ambush him with, starting with creationism. Trouble is that it quickly got to the big bang, and according to JW guy that was completely and utterly in line with doctrine, the un-causable cause.

Just because we can’t grasp the nothingness before creation, and this is his quote, “much like we can’t graph infinity”, then the obvious answer is a creator.


Not to be beaten the ambusher soldiered on, let’s try evolution again;

to which we get from  JW guy creationist nonsense about “you never see a simpler thing evolve into a more complex thing” and “why don’t dogs give birth to cats”, but he seems to have given ground in the years I’ve known him to “intelligent design” by which he means that creator made things that have adapted.

Not evolution since man did not evolve from a monkey, but that creator gives them a nudge now and then

“How about” says ambusher “Contradictions in the Bible“. I hung my head

“Show me one” says JW guy. It was like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Of course there are many and varied inconsistencies and contradictions, I know from reading and research that there are, but I can’t quote chapter and verse. If I was really fired up about the dumbness of religion and people’s faith I possibly would be, but each to their own. If you believe the bible in toto then you do, it’s not a negotiation. Besides which bible thumpers tend to be very picky about which words from which verse and in which context they use scripture, it’s not a whole story, it’s a soundbite.

There is no winning any argument about faith and belief, neither party is going to change their mind, as if over a coffee you’re going to have an epiphany or something.

But I’ve done my thinking and yes there was nothing and then there was something. Yes perhaps we can’t grasp the nothing, and because we are material we can only construct largely what we are familiar with, that which we know. There is stuff, it came from somewhere, there can’t have been no stuff, and suddenly then stuff, that would be silly, we don’t have experience of that happening. But to then go “ah God did it” is even lamer than just shrugging shoulders and going “it is what it is”

Finally we finished coffee with JW guy saying “what if you are wrong, what do you think will happen when you die” I said “worm meat”. I wasn’t really helping either cause.


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4 comments on “I have a friend who’s very religious

  1. johnnathanielfernando
    September 17, 2011

    haha so you’re an atheist huh? well i’m a pantheist so i guess we’re almost similar. my family is deeply religious, so whenever religion becomes a topic, i learned to just listen and say yes to whatever they say because in the end you’re right, there’s no winning religious arguments.i believe what i believe and they believe what they believe. as long as we co-exist in peace i guess i have no problems with religious people.thanks for posting!


    • pdubyah
      September 17, 2011

      Thank you. It’s true you have to keep your own counsel. I’ve made more than one mistake, including of laughing when someone said they would pray for something. It’s not worth upsetting someone because of their faith when they are as a whole a nice person.


      • johnnathanielfernando
        September 17, 2011

        oh so you get that too?i thought i was the only one who felt that way whenever somebody tells me that and i feel like a bad person. well it’s good though that we practice religious tolerance. everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe right?


      • pdubyah
        September 18, 2011

        Everyone has the right to believe in what they like. Religion is such a personal thing, and proved by the number of churches that exist that they are all different and appear in different ways. The problem is religion by ignorance, by which I mean that you believe because your mom or dad said that it was so. There is no reason not to research your faith and the reasons that you’re being given to tolerate something or other,.


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