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What Atheists Have to Believe.

I got listening to a couple of podcasts and the subject of atheism comes up now and again.

But the answer to “What atheists HAVE to belive” can be summed up in a couple of words. Well no that’s not true, the answer is not in the question which isn’t worded particularly well. The thing that I, an atheist, has believe in,  and this is all, is that “There is no God“.

That is it. I don’t have to not belive in the Christian God, any God will do not to belive in.

I dont have to believe in  Zeus, Hermes, Hades, Hera, Aphrodite,
or Iuppiter, Mors,  Terra,
or Odin, Thor, Loki, Njordr,
or Krishna,  Vishnu, Kali, Ishvara,
or Shangdi, Mazu, Shou  Xing, Tu Di Gong,
or Izanagi-no-MikotoIzanami-no-Mikoto,
or Cernunnos, Damona, Epona,
or Ra, Isis, Anubis, Osiris,
or An, Ki,  Enlil, Enki,
or Sin, Marduk, Ishtar, Nabu,
or Simurgh, Rostam, Gaokerena,
or Bunyip, Kurreah, Mutjinga etc

not a one do I have to belive in. There is no God.

Being an Atheist does not mean I have no moral standards, or moral code of right and wrong, I don’t find it odd to help my fellow-man, nor do I covet my neighbour’s wife or oxen most of the time.

I have one thing as an atheist to belive in. That is all.

I don’t have to apologise for evolution, I don’t have to explain the uncausable cause of the big bang, I don’t have to belive in an eternal after-life anywhere for any reason. I don’t have to belive that what I think or what I do has any repercussion other than to me and those my actions affect. I don’t have to belive in a judgement book.

Mostly however I don’t have to belive that I will vilify you, ridicule you or otherwise insult your belief in something. If you have personal experience of a God then good for you!, but that’s you and what you saw, I can’t measure it, you can’t replicate or prove it, but I’m not about that you prove it to me, especially not with a Bible of doubtful origin and content, that would be circular reasoning.

Should a God come visit with me and prove they are God then I’ll happily change my mind.  In the meantime I believe that you have a right to what you think, even if you have no basis for that belief, and I’ll continue with mine, based on what I’ve reasoned to be a reasonable position. After all “God did it” is not a reasonable excuse for anything that happens to you, anyone you know or any event in the world that you are too ignorant to think through an explain. Is it?


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