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The Gentleman’s Fishing Club

What you need, and all you need  is;

  1. Seahorse KonTiki unit, complete with the electric winch.
  2. Some bait
  3. A beach
  4. A couple of hours
  5. Optional Beverage

The idea of one of these pieces of kit is that you launch them from the beach, and they tow your long-line and associated hooks and bait, out into the wide blue yonder.

Cunningly the motor is timer driven so you can set it to chug away for 30 minutes and then it stops, until you winch it in again, with attached fish, if you’re in luck.

It’s been unusual for us to come home empty-handed, although occasionally we have. Sometimes you lose a hook.

It’s all very gentle and orderly and effortless, apart from a bit of lifting and bit of lugging on the sand.

The nice thing is that when you go to retrieve your line you can always sit there with a glass of wine, gin and tonic or a beer or two, since the winch is doing all the work and can take half an hour or so.


the problem this year was that on the recovery the torpedo managed to snag itself on something and became marooned. This occasioned the conniption and much angst as the FIL got himself into a tizzy. Lucky we have access to a Zodiac and was able to launch a rescue mission to retrieve it. I got wet and cold on that day, and so that  goes towards my summer swim in the ocean count.

Oh and that was one of the few fish-less days.

There are now 3 of these things on the beach, one of them comes equipped with a GPS unit, so you can launch it and it will go where you send it, which is a bit fancy, half the challenge is pinging the thing straight into waves and taking into account the tide, wind and current. Each to their own (he says sarcastically) “They’re not true Gentleman Fishers”


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